*Updated* Legionnaires Coach Steps Down

UPDATE: Here is my conversation with Legionnaires Chairman Larry Johnson…

A shake up today for the Swift Current Midget AAA Home Hardware Legionnaires.  Coach Regan Darby and Manager Scott Rumpel have both resigned from the club.  Darby told me this morning that he just doesn’t have the time to do the job properly.

Rumpel confirmed to me he had stepped down but didn’t want to comment any further.

The Legionnaires are at home against the Notre Dame Hounds tonight at 8pm.  Hopefully they’re able to put any distractions out of their minds tonight and just concentrate on hockey.

You can click here for our article on Swift Current Online.  It includes details of what the make-shift coaching staff will look like until they are able to find a permanent solution.

My best to both Regan and Scott.  Anyone who puts serious time into developing young players deserves credit for what they have done.  I’m sure they will play valuable roles with another organization someday if they so chose.


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7 Responses to *Updated* Legionnaires Coach Steps Down

  1. Been Watching says:

    With all due respect, the job should never have been put in the hands of an inexperienced coach. Outrecruited, outworked and out managed every year, this program has become a laughing stock. Perhaps the man in charge, Larry Johnson should give his resignation too because the next step will be for SHA to come in and take the program away. Sad state of affairs.

  2. Supporter of the Clun says:

    In response to the comments made by “Been Watching”. If you had respect you wouldnt make comments that you did about the Legionnaire program. Obviously, you have some hard feelings about the club and why Im not sure. Either you are a parent who’s child doesnt get played much, an ex player or someone who doesnt really know or have alot to do with hockey. Im saying this “with no due respect”. Its not an easy job to be a coach, a manger or a board member of any team. Darby was a coach with experience in hockey, same as coaches in previous years for the club. Reinhart and Hornung also have years of experience in hockey. Due to the fact that they are all first time coaches doesnt mean they cant do it, they have to start somewhere. Give people credit for the work that they put into something. A person recruits for a team and finds players that they feel is best fit for the team and Im guessing that Darby, Reinhart, and Schneider found players that they felt would make a great team. It takes time to build a team and for them to form and play as a team. Maybe you look at the kids on the ice and see how they porform themselves. Is it a team effort or individual in the game of hockey? We have seen in years before with the Broncos the same struggles. Its a GAME, if you want to support them you will do it no matter whether they are winning or losing.
    As for the SHA shutting the program down I find that very hard to believe. The Legionnaires are no different than any other team in the AAA Midget league that has struggled through the years. North Battleford, Saskatoon, need I say more teams. Im not sure what experience you have with sports or clubs but if you feel that you want to be so vocal than you go step in the shoes of anyone of those people apart of the club and lets see how “big” you are than and turn the club that you say is a “laughing stock” around. Im sure your lack of experince will show even more than those you talk about now who have experience.
    NO matter who they put into the shoes of Darby and Rumple, I wish them luck and the guys who play for the Legionnaires. These are guys playing a sport they love and guys coaching a sport they love. Let them enjoy that and find pride in what they do instead of tearing them down. Shameful…

  3. BeenWatching says:

    Say what you want. There is not one thing I said that is not the truth. Nobody criticized the players or volunteers but the team is in a mess right now. This is hockey country and our aaa team is a joke. Too bad for the kids involved.

  4. BeenWatching says:

    I never criticized Rinheart or Hornung or the players.

  5. Supporter of the Clun says:

    Iam going to say what I want since Im stating obvious facts about hockey. Truth, really is that what you call what you are saying? I find it not truth because you arent the one running an organization or team. If you had such concerns about the way the program is run why dont you step up to the plate and put your name out there to make changes? The team has been running this way for probably the passt 5 years, but your going to blame it on Johnston, Darby and Rumple? Put your facts out there to prove this?
    Okay, hockey country, lets pull this together here. No one supports any team in Swift Current besides the Broncos. If it was a true hockey country more people would be out supporting the minor teams. When you make comments about the program than you are making reference to a team. A coach doesnt exactly call all the shots on a team, if you understood how a team is run and what goes on behind the bench. Im not going to get into those details because Im hoping if your such a hockey buff you would understand politics of a team. Coaches and assistant coaches run a team yes, but it take the players on the ice to make or break a game. Its simply that, so if you are going to criticize might as well do it as a whole. Coaches and assistant coaches arent on the ice, they can make calls behind the bench and run practices but its up to the boys to put an effort on the ice. I have been to games this year and I have noticed the same kids who think they are something and they arent try to do it all alone. Its hard to break kids out of that mind set. SO to bad for the kids, not exactly. If these program was so horrible why are parents still sending their sons to the camps and to play for the team?

  6. Rowdyman says:

    Well I have been reading the comments above..I agree that you should support the club win or lose but does that mean you can’t state your opinion or criticisms? Why have some local kids quit, or refused to play for the team or is that fair to blame it on the kids alone. I have watched the legion quite a bit this year and there has been quite a bit of things that could be done better seems to be basically a one line team and some games a real lack of discipline and accountability. If you know the game….Good coaches DO run Teams not players and the coach’s style is reflected on ice, and it takes more than just having played the game to be a good coach,a lot more actually…. it takes the ability to teach and communicate, and to know how to get the most out of the players you coach…that may or may not be happening, coaching young players takes more experience, insight,patience and common sense than most people know or realize. For every kick in the ass, a couple pats on the head is in order!

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