Tisdale New Legionnaires Manager

Broncos legend and former WHL coach Tim Tisdale is back with the Midget AAA Home Hardware Legionnaires. Tisdale once coached the Legionnaires, but is now coming on board as the interim general manager. That isn’t to say it won’t be more long term. He is only officially doing the job until the end of this season from what I can gather. After that we’ll see where it goes.

How did this come about? Minor Hockey has taken over control of Legionnaires from the board of directors and Tisdale was appointed manager. The Co-Coaches (Sheldon Reinhart and Todd Hornung) will remain with the club at least until the end of the season. They’ll have a chance to re-apply at that point if they so chose. Both guys have consistently told me they only want to be involved as assistants. When I talk to Tisdale tomorrow I’ll try to find out whether or not they’ll be looking to add some help for Sheldon and Todd behind the bench or maybe if Tim himself is going to help with the coaching at all. I’m scheduled to chat with him tomorrow morning.

I’m told that Minor Hockey thanks the board for all their work, but felt this move was necessary moving forward.

What do you think? It’s hard to argue with Tisdale’s track record. He has had tremendous success and both a player and a coach in his life. This is a man who won a Memorial Cup for the Broncos as a player and made it as high as the coach of the Regina Pats during his career behind the bench. Whether this is just a temporary solution or something he jumps into more permanently, he certainly has the credentials and professional background to guide the Legionnaires through the rest of the season.

They’ve had some more success on the ice over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully this is another step forward in ensuring the kids on the team get the best possible development out of their time in Midget AAA. I’m sure all local fans want to thank the board of directors for the time they’ve given generously to the kids. We can argue all we want about what has been done, but you can’t take away the fact that those people were volunteers who I’m sure wanted to see the team succeed. We’ll see down the line if this ends up being in the best interest of the program. I certainly don’t know the history near well enough to judge that myself.

Again I’ll be chatting with Tisdale tomorrow morning to get more information on how this happened and what his plans are.


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5 Responses to Tisdale New Legionnaires Manager

  1. Riderpride says:

    This is a good move only if the right people are put in place for this team and let me tell you Tisdale is not a person who comes to mind! I hope for the sake of this team politics can finally stop and some right can be done for the players who play here. If politics continue the Legion will always struggle and players won’t come here. The boys are just starting to play well after positive changes were made, I hope this is a positive change and not a HUGE mistake.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree the coaching changes have been good and Tim has alot of exerience as a player and a coach! The big downfall I see is the SC Minor Hockey Parents!!! You have SC minor hockey president Richard Bissonette with a kid on the Raiders, Larry Empey a kid on the SC Hurricanes, and Tim Tisdale`s kid that will all be trying out for the Legionnaires. THAT IS MY PROBLEM!!!! THEY TAKE IT OVER JUST IN TIME FOR THERE KIDS! If any of those 3 kids make it next season it will be a joke and s h i t will hit the fan! Parents should not be involved at this level as Marc Habscheid was a pure example of this! Please SC Minor Hockey do not let parents get involved.

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  4. Legionaire Faithful says:

    You nailed it. Tisdale and Bissonnette have done everything they can all along the way to do whatever they can to advantage their kids. Now we put them in the highest level of authority over the aaa program. Wow

  5. Hurricane Alex says:

    I guess this will be the test of integrity for the program. Of the three kids mentioned above Empey should be able to play AAA next year and in fairness to him he is playing very well in Midget AA.

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