Legionnaires Hire New Coach/Manager

I just got this press release from Swift Current Minor Hockey…

On behalf of the Swift Current Minor Hockey Board and the Home Hardware Midget AAA Legionnaires, I would like to introduce Jason Johns as the new Head Coach and Manager of the hockey club.

Jason comes to us from the Thorhild Titans of NEAJBHL (North Eastern Alberta Jr. B Hockey League) where he was Head Coach and Asst. General Manager for the past 2 seasons. Prior to that he was residing in Saskatoon.  He has an extensive history of various coaching positions within the Saskatchewan Hockey Association’s Sask First Program as well as every age group from Initiation to Midget in Saskatoon Minor Hockey. He has taken numerous clinics and holds many other high level coaching certificates. He not only stresses the on-ice performance of the teams he coaches, but also holds players accountable for their academic responsibilities as well as community involvement.

I would like to encourage the citizens and members of the hockey community to introduce themselves to Jason, and welcome him and his family to our city.

S.C.M.H.A. received several excellent applications for both of these positions. An independent committee  was assembled to go over the resumes and conduct interviews with a few of the candidates. They then put forth their recommendation to the S.C.M.H.A. Board. We are entirely confident that we  have appointed the best candidate for these positions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Bachek, the S.C.M.H.A. Legionnaire Rep., for his tireless efforts over the past 3 months. Also, to Tim Tisdale for stepping in since late November  to volunteer his time in keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly.   I would especially like to thank the two Assistant Coaches, Sheldon Reinhart and Todd Horning, for sticking it out with this team after a challenging period in their season.  I know the kids you coached appreciated it.

Rich Bissonnette
President, S.C.M.H.A.

Johns took the Titans to a 3-28-0-1 record and a first round playoff exit this season. The franchise is still relatively new as this was just their third in the NEAJBHL.

Good luck to Jason. I hope he can get the Legionnaires back to the playoffs. I’ll try to track him down today to get some comments on the new gig.

I echo Swift Current Minor Hockey’s sentiment that Reinhart, Hornung, Tisdale and the volunteers deserve a lot of credit for stepping up in a tough situation this year. Now that the transition is over with hopefully the Legionnaires will be on stable footing going forward.


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10 Responses to Legionnaires Hire New Coach/Manager

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty Sweet Coaching This Year!! There playoff series were 18-0 Loss, 14-2 Loss, and 13-0 Loss LOL!! Another good decision by Swift Current Minor Hockey! I would be embarrassed if I were them!

    • Anonymous says:

      You should find out all the facts befor you judge from your lazyboy chair!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah OK, for one i dont have a recliner and two what info do you have that is so much better? Did they not have a goalie, were the refs homers, or did they lose all but 5 of there players before playoffs? Dont think so as all there games in regular season were blow outs as well. Waiting patiently for your brain busting response LOL! Suppose you are going to say that the Broncos improved this year as well LOL! Some people see the glass half full with pink rose glasses this guy who responded just doesnt want to look bad and was probably on the hiring committee or on SCMHA and trying to save face.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, at least give the guy a chance before you rip him apart. We have no idea of the talent he had on that team. A bad team is still a bad team no matter who is coaching!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with both comments of give him a chance and I dont care about the teams talent, a good coach will play a system to keep the games close. A good coach would adjust to the situation and it looks like he didnt IMO if those scores are true. I guess we wait and see! Good Luck Jason look forward to meeting you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No what it is I SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY!!!! I don’t sit behind a computer and try to tear it down and not put my name to it.Your opinion is based on something you googled! Now who’s the smart one LOL!!!I would be embarrassed of youself! Swift Current Minor Hockey, you made a great choice!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I support my community as well. I am a season ticket holder for the Swift Current Broncos and have a kid that is involved with SCMHA ( or should be called SCMKORT) which means My Kid on Rep Teams as this is what SCMHA is all about. There is still a guy on SCMHA that is dissapointed his kid got cut twice and he knows who he is as that is why the takeover took place.

      Yes i did in fact google his record in Alberta as a good a parent would do and what I see is another long year in Legion Land. With recruiting being difficult to begin with what does this individual bring that will make top kids come here. If I am a parent in Saskatoon, Melville, Estevan, Weyburn what makes Swift Current attractive to come and play. The 7 or 8 years of not making playoffs dont help as well. The last time the Legion made playoffs was when Tim Tisdale was involved and he should have been the guy to take over this team IMO. I also know of many sponsors that are pulling their money due to SCMHA takeover so SCMHA has only one choice and that is to raise dues for kids with less sponsor money and to me that is a license for disaster.

      And yes I will be anonymous as I dont want my kid to be penalized for my concerns and if the above poster had a kid in SCMHA he would understand.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you must be related to or in bed with Tim Tisdale to be so worked up that he didn’t get the job. Keep your negativity to yourself, or better yet – MOVE!!! No one in Swift Current would miss you I’m sure.

  6. Not from Swift Current or Alberta says:

    The person who is so negative should get all of his facts before he comments.
    What did the team do in 2 regular seasons compared to before Jason Johns becoming coach/Assistant General Manager.
    Did they make the playoffs before Jason Johns was the coach? NO!!!
    Were stats worse ie. goals for, against etc, etc, etc before Jason Johns was coach? YES!!
    Playing the # 1 team in the playoffs would be like the Broncos playing the Boston Bruins.
    Building a team takes a lot of time and effort and cannot be done overnight.
    If you were to look at Jason Johns’ other involvement and commitment to hockey you may see some impressive results.
    Do some investigative and unbiased research then maybe you will be more informed and less negative.
    I’m sure the interview group will have done their due-dilligance and have made the best selection possible.

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