Bantam Picks Audio (Martin, Gonek, Odgers, Leth and Wittman)

(Jordan Wittman photo shamelessly swiped from the Southwest Booster)

Here are the first of my promised interivews. Still to come reaction to the draft from Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb and analysis of the Broncos draft picks by their Bantam coaches. I didn’t get all of them but I’ve got a decent number.

First of all I’ll post some audio from the draft picks themselves. Don’t read too much into interviews with 14/15 year olds. Some of them are going to be more polished than others. I only had the chance to talk to two of the guys myself (Leth and Odgers) but I found them both to be really mature and thoughtful for their age.  There is a reason why both guys are mentioned as future captain material.  It was also awesome to read in the Booster article that Odgers was high-fiving his brother after getting drafted here. That’s the kind of attitude you want out of the gate.

Thanks to Ken Audette and Ryan Switzer for helping me out with the other interviews while I was busy on the draft floor in Calgary. I’m sure I’ll be doing my share of interviews with the likes of Martin, Gonek and Wittman in the coming years.

Brycen Martin talks to Switzer on draft day

Zach Gonek talks to Switzer on draft day

Dakota Odgers interview from this afternoon

Cavin Leth interview from Sunday night

Ken’s brief chat with Jordan Wittman on draft day

I’ll also throw up a bonus interview I did with Wittman a few weeks ago during his playoffs

Thanks to everyone for being so easy to get in touch with. I hope to track down some of the later picks in the next few weeks. In talking to some of their coaches I get the impression there could be some pleasant surprises among the final seven picks in the draft for Swift Current.

Speaking of the coaches I’ll get some audio up from them soon as well.

Before I do that I have a quick request. If you’re a parent of one of the new Broncos draft picks I was hoping I could get some hockey pictures of them… or at least one that I could use in the blog when writing about them. It’s not easy to find pictures of bantam players! If you could help me out that’d be great. Please fire me an e-mail at and I’d be much obliged.

Game 4 of the WHL finals is on as we speak. Cody Eakin and the Ice have a 2-1 series lead. I know most Broncos fans are in their corner. It’s been a fun series so far so check it out.


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3 Responses to Bantam Picks Audio (Martin, Gonek, Odgers, Leth and Wittman)

  1. Anon says:

    You realize these kids are just 14 and 15 most of them will never play more than a few games in the dub right?

    • shawnmullin says:

      I’m sorry I’ll try to provide less coverage for you next time.

      Just for the record the 5 guys interviewed here are top 46 picks. Go back to the 2008 draft and tell me how many of the top 46 picks are playing in the league now?

      It’s not an exact science but these drafts are important to teams. Especially this draft for the Broncos.

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