Bantam Coaches talk Draft Picks

I had a chance to chat with a few of the coaches of the recent Swift Current Broncos draft picks. I wasn’t able to get in touch with them all. However, I think this gives a pretty good perspective on some of these players. First of all I talked to Coach Lamb right after the draft and then I called the coaches of the players selected…

Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb on the draft

Calgary Bisons Coach Tyler Drader on Brycen Martin

St. Albert Sabres Coach Umberto Fiorillo on Zach Gonek

Yorkton Harvest Coach Jeff Odgers on his son Dakota Odgers

Lethbridge Golden Hawks Coach Deryk Lawrence on Cavin Leth

Juan de Fuca Grizzlies Coach Trent Brandvold on Alec Dillon

Southgate Lions Coach Dan Glegloff on Jake DeBrusk

CAC Coach Wayne Troock on Cameron Hughes

You can click here for an interview I found online with Hughes as well.

There are number of guys I haven’t talked to and a number of coaches I haven’t talked to. That doesn’t mean I won’t or that I don’t care to… it’s just a time thing. Working mornings it’s not always easy or convenient to set up interviews with teenagers. I think there is interest in hearing from some of the other young prospects and I’ll try to get that done here in time.

Thanks to the coaches and players I’ve talked to so far. There was lots of good information there. Obviously these guys are going to be positive about the young men they coached. That doesn’t discount what they said though. It’ll be interesting to watch these guys when some of them come to came and over the years as they develop.


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16 Responses to Bantam Coaches talk Draft Picks

  1. Anonymous says:

    How come your so called Swift Current sports blog doesn’t have anything on the Redneck Betties Rollder Derby team? They get better crowds than all the Swift Current minor hockey teams combined and we are more popular than the Broncos. You should pay attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious!? Great for the betties they got a great crowd. Why the hell would Shawn cover this on a blog about the Broncos!? It was a nice show good for you but you’re getting a little ridiculous demanding attention from a hockey website. I think the media covered the damn thing enough. It was on the radio station constantly.

    • Anonymous says:

      what the hell???? this is a post about broncos draft picks and their future why are you polluting it with your complaining????? don’t act like you and your roller derby didn’t get enough attention!!!! and don’t act like it was some athletic achievement. i’ve seen more athletic skill in a race to the buffet!!!!

    • shawnmullin says:

      Please don’t personally attack anyone in these comments.

      As to the original statement; we covered the derby on Swift Current Online and we promoted it/discussed it on all three of our radio stations. I’m sorry if you felt like that wasn’t enough. I certainly congratulate the Betties on what was a huge success. I hope they’re able to do it again and again.

      Calling yourself more popular than the Broncos seems unnecessary to me. It’s apples and oranges.

  2. Leroy Jenkins says:


    The Redneck Betties!?! For gosh sakes, isn’t Saskatchewan trying to stray away from being called Redneck anythings!? Roller derby is as much a sport as pog, only with “car accident appeal.” You don’t want to look, but you just have to!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Later today both newspapers will come out, and I’m sure they’ll have lots of Roller Derby pictures and coverage on the front page. Between all the chatter from all the local radio stations, your polluting of facebook with pictures from your half dozen photoshoots, likely front page coverage on both papers and your calendars, haven’t you got enough attention?

    And a derby member calling the radio station to complain on air about Mullin’s honest assessment of derby was just annoying. Does everyone in Swift Current have to love roller derby?

    • shawnmullin says:

      Honestly all I said on the radio was that there was a great turn out and it was good to see that they won their first match. I didn’t say one negative word that I can think of so I’m not sure why there’s the impression I wasn’t supportive.

      • proud betty says:

        you’re just sexist it’s obvious

      • Anonymous says:

        “Proud Betty”, you can’t be serious? A man who doesn’t love Roller Derby with a passion is a sexist? As a very small example Shawn Mullin gave just as much coverage to the Diamond Energy midget AAA Female Wildcats as he did the AAA Legionnaires. That’s just one example. I’m hoping these stupid comments represent a very small portion of the team.

      • shawnmullin says:

        I probably shouldn’t even say anything in response to a ridiculous comment like that.

        There isn’t a sexist bone in my body and anyone who knows me well would tell you that. I don’t understand where all of this is coming from and I am sure “Proud Betty” that you don’t represent the views of the whole team in making personal attacks like that.

        Again I didn’t say a negative word about the derby. I wish everyone involved in it much success. I’m baffled by this whole thing.

        I wish there was an 11 comment thread discussing the future stars of the Broncos that I was talking about in this post. That is what this blog is supposed to be focused on and so this is the last I’m going to say on this subject. The internet blows me away sometimes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I heard what you said on the radio about derby. It wasn’t that you were negative, but I guess you weren’t positive enough for her liking. It looks like a few Betties are getting egos.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Leroy. In Swift Current we’ve had the ‘redneck’ label for years. We’ve opened our door to immigrants, grown economically and have worked hard to shake the ‘redneck’ image. Now we have a team representing our city called the ‘Redneck Betties” with names like ‘Lynchmob’. Not a great image for our city.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha that’s some classic internet trolling! Anyways, to the point here – thanks for putting the time and effort in to get the scoop on the draft picks. It will be an exciting year to watch some of these young guys develop and watch the Broncos get better as a team. Now that things are becoming set in stone, privileged citizens of Swift Current and area need to get behind this team more than ever and cheer them on!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I know the last post was along time ago, but I was doing research on the computer to put together a scrapbook of my time playing with the Betties and I came across this blog. I am saddened to see the negative comments regarding your blog posted by “anonymous” criticizing you for not covering us (that can not be further from the truth). In no way do the Betties feel this way about you, the Broncos or ourselves. Our Mission Statement is to be involved in the community, to portray ourselves in a positive light, and the comments in no way do that. For that I apologize. The dealings that we have had with Shawn, the Radio Station, and TV, Newspapers, have been so positive. So I thank you for all the great help you have given us over the last year. We are really excited with the support we have been given from the community as a whole during our last season.

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