Soberg Update

Word broke on twitter today that Broncos G Steffen Soberg was not at Capitals rookie camp as expected. Their spokesman said Sorberg is not there as he is deciding whether to play in Europe or North America this season.

So what happened? Soberg had previously committed to come to Swift Current and had been here all throughout training camp. He even played half an exhibition game (EDIT: this should read the black and white game not exhibition) before injuring his knee and missing the Edmonton tournament.

There was some talk throughout camp that Soberg was taking some time to adjust to life here. I think that is a fairly common thing among import draft selections. It’s a culture shock and they are so far away from their families. It was hard for me moving a seven hour drive away from home when I first did… let alone moving a continent away at 18. I don’t think that is what is in play here though.

The Broncos’ official statement on the matter is that Soberg had to leave to deal with personal issues. They are hopeful he will return. Whenever you hear the words personal issues to me any predictions go out the window. Sometimes life has to come before hockey, especially when home is an ocean and several time zones away.

The fact that Soberg isn’t at Capitals camp either tells me this is not as simple as being unhappy in Swift Current or anything like that. I’m told he very well could be back with the Broncos. However, it’s hard to really speculate. Details of a player’s personal life are none of our business. Without knowing the situation all we can do is wish Soberg well and hope that we get to see him play here before too long.

In the meantime, both Austin Smith and Steven Myland are coming off strong starts. They are both highly touted in their own ways. Smith was a second round bantam draft pick and Myland had the top stats in the BC Major Midget league last year. At least for now they have the ball and it is up to them to carry it. Of course it would be a blow to lose out on a 6th overall import draft selection in the same year their 2009 first round draft pick chose not to play in the WHL. That said, this situation isn’t static and we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet.

Again my best to Soberg and I hope to see him in Broncos colours again soon. He’s a very talented young man with a bright future.


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