Lamb on Soberg, Weekend Games, Fighting, etc.

I got further clarification of the Steffen Soberg situation today after an interview with Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb and an article from the Washington Times. It sounds like the spokesman for the Capitals made a mistake yesterday when they said Soberg was in Norway contemplating whether to play in Europe or North America. Coach Lamb makes it crystal clear the young goaltender’s absence has nothing to do with hockey or even being homesick.

It appears clear from both Lamb and Capitals goaltender coach Dave Prior that assuming Soberg is able to clear up his personal issues the plan is for him to return to Swift Current this season. There is no timetable for that and when it comes to personal matters there shouldn’t be. It will take as long as it takes.

Lamb also says Soberg can’t play anywhere else as his rights belong to them this season.

As far as I’m concerned that is the last word on the issue unless the story changes. The young man deserves as much time as he needs to take care of whatever it is that he needs to take care of it. Hockey will be waiting for him when he’s ready. The Broncos will have to move forward for now with Austin Smith, Steven Myland and an eye to other options if they aren’t able to carry the load. We all hope Soberg will be back because from everything we hear and see it will be a treat to watch him. It sounds like he will return. It’s just a matter of when.

Here is the interview…

Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb (Download)

So that is where we stand. The Broncos are not being abandoned here but a player who decided he just didn’t like the city. It is hopefully a temporary disruption of Soberg’s playing career and as such a big opportunity for Smith and Myland to have more time to establish themselves.

Has Smith taken a major leap? His save percentage is 0.935% in the pre-season so far. It’s hard to imagine him keeping up that pace. If he ends up even close to that we’re talking about a legit starter.

Is Myland adjusting to the WHL level? He was the top goalie in his league last year. The 17-year-old says he is getting more comfortable every time he gets out there against WHL level competition. He looked quite good in the final 40 minutes against Regina.

Only time will tell.

By the time Soberg returns hopefully one of them has established themselves as a reliable starter if not both. It could give the Broncos some serious strength between the pipes that would have come as a result of some extra development for guys who were going to be battling for the back-up spot otherwise.

If you listened to the whole interview you also got Lamb’s take on the state of the game and the fighting issue. Every media guy is asking every available hockey person to comment on the fighting issue so I gave Coach Lamb a chance to speak on it. As you heard there he is decidedly in the camp of keeping it in the game. It ends up being a brief but interesting discussion in my opinion.

Adam Lowry and the Jets are going to be in action on Sportsnet coming up here  shortly int he young stars tournament from Penticton. Check it out on TV or on the official Jets website. Fromer Bronco Captain Justin Dowling and the Calgary Flames lost to Vancouver 4-3 in overtime just a few moments ago. It was nice to see JD in action again.

I might have some links, pictures and video from Broncos at NHL camps a little later tonight. Talk to you then.


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9 Responses to Lamb on Soberg, Weekend Games, Fighting, etc.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The life of a major junior hockey player isn’t an easy one, especially on a foreign continent. He is home pondering whether or not to pursue NHL or roll the dice in Europe. I know you have to tow the Bronco line Shawn, but let’s be honest. 10% chance at best this kid ever wears a Bronco jersey.

    • shawnmullin says:

      How am I towing the Bronco line? I’m reporting what I’m told. Both Lamb and the Capitals goalie coach said they expect he will be back. I’m sure there is a chance he won’t be back and he wouldn’t be the first or the last. I wouldn’t begrudge him if that was the case. Sometimes you have to de-prioritize sports when other things become more important.

      That said, I don’t see where you get 10% from here. No one is BSing anyone in this situation. They have been as clear as they can be without being overly invasive of Soberg’s privacy. He isn’t going back for hockey reasons. We will see where it goes from there.

      • Henry says:

        Shawn, Just listened to your interview with coach Lamb. IMO, fighting should be taken out of all sports except Boxing or the Martial Arts. What purpose does it have in hockey or what does it accomplish. I know, most players will say “it fires up the team & gives them more drive”. Yes, Hockey is a fast & hard hitting game, body checking & scrimmages in front of the net & in the corners will always be a part of the game. Protect your team mates & defend yourself are great slogans & so they should, but player who drop their gloves & dance around the ice like a couple of barnyard cocks not only look stupid but their only reward is a majour penalty or game ejection. How does that help the team? how many goals/assists have players scored from the box/dressing room or in some cases the hospital?. Coaches /managers should be discouraging fighting and insted channeling that energy towards playing the game of hockey the way it should be played. Just think, there is no fighting in Olympic or womens hockey & that is entertaining hockey.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hate to say I told you so.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Never played the game Henry?

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  4. The excuse that fighting in hockey keeps players honest is a red herring of the highest order. Dirty tactics of any sort simply need to be punished severely, by referees. That’s their job. The ulltimate reason “stage fights” should be banned is the damage it does to our youth. Should one’s children including those of Commissioner Gary Bettman be subjected to watching NHL stars punch one another? In even rougher Football and English Rugby throwing a punch means automatic ejection. Why not in the NHL, the finest spectacle in all of sports? It needs no side shows.

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