Post-Game Audio: Chiefs 3 Broncos 2, Arena Video

Highlights of Broncos Hockey on The Eagle 94.1 FM (Download)

Post-Game with Assistant Coach Darren Evjen (Download)

Pre-Game with F Josh Derko (Download)

Pre-Game with Coach/GM Mark Lamb (Download)

Pre-Game with Spokane Coach Don Nachbauer (Download)

Pre-Game with Spokane Play-By-Play Broadcaster Mike Boyle (Download)

Really enjoyed my chat with Mike. He seems like a great guy.

I thought that was a very well-played games by two teams who made few mistakes. There were some big hits, some huge stops and a good level of intensity. It makes you wish these two teams met more often. The Broncos did a lot of things right tonight… but just didn’t get the puck to the net enough. It was a whale of a game from Adam Lowry as he threw a monster hit on Kramer, scored, set up a goal and had several other big chances while continuing to play physical. Reece Scarlett was again very good and is making such a habit out of it I almost forget to mention him sometimes.

I also really liked the game from the Cave/Derko/Dale line again. What more can you ask for from a 3rd/4th line? They bang, crash, fight, create scoring chances, bring energy, etc. Cave has the makings of a big time player. He rung one off the post today and I can see him filling the net more often as he gets confidence with his strong shot at this level. Dale nearly had two more today. Some confidence and that speed could be a dangerous combination. Derko was banging and left a few Chiefs with bruises. He also created a glorious rebound chance for Lowry that was incredibly close to another Bronco goal. They are really stepping up.

Groenheyde made two excellent saves in the first that you should check out if they make the highlights. They were plays of the week material for sure.

Ultimately the Broncos didn’t get the puck to the net enough. When they did have chances they were often blocked or missing the net. This is a game they could have won with better execution around the goal. It’s also a game where Spokane was full value for their two points. They’re a good team and they worked very hard. They really don’t give you a lot of room down low in their zone. I wouldn’t want to face them in a playoff series if I was another western club.

It was fun hanging out in Spokane for a few days. I used to spend a lot of time here with Laura when we both lived in the Kootenays. It kind of became our go-to weekend getaway. If you’re ever here check out the Italian Kitchen downtown. Great food and atmosphere. The downtown in general is quite nice and there is lots to do here.

On the other hand… never eat at the McDonalds in Colville, Washington. Just fair warning.

Spokane also has a passionate and loud group of fans. I took in a few games here as a fan during my time in Trail and they can really get on the other team. Especially if it’s a US Division rival. I love that kind of fire. It has helped them to another great home record so far this season. It’s a shame we only visit once every two years. If I were in charge we would visit every city every season. It’s too bad we don’t get to go back to BC this year. You get to know a team a lot better when you can see them on their turf. That and some of these markets out west are just a lot of fun to visit. I’m sure the teams out here feel the same way about wanting to come east. Of course that is a broadcaster speaking and not an accountant.

Here is a quick video I did taking a look at the Spokane Arena from the press box:

We are off to the Tri-Cities on Thursday for Friday’s game with the Americans. As this trip continues is there anything else you would be interested in seeing an inside look on? I know this is not exactly a hop, skip and a jump from Swift Current. If you have any requests just post something in the comments.

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2 Responses to Post-Game Audio: Chiefs 3 Broncos 2, Arena Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Shawn, good video. Its cool to see other peoples barns. It seemed like you were pretty high up.

    Big O

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