Post Game Audio: Raiders 3 Broncos 2 (SO)

(Photo by Darwin Knelsen)

Post-Game with Dalton Reum and Graham Black (Download)

Post-Game with Broncos Assistant Coach Andy Schneider (Download)

Pre-Game with Broncos prospect Zac Mackay (Download)

Pre-Game with Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb (Download)

Pre-Game with Raiders Coach Steve Young (Download)

I haven’t got a copy of my interview with Raiders broadcaster Drew Wilson yet and I will post it if I am able to.

Congrats to Jordan Wittman for making his WHL debut on the same night where Brad Hoban scored his 150th career point. The Broncos also had Zac Mackay in the lineup due to the injuries to Adam Lowry and Shea Howorko, as well as the flu that kept Ryon Moser out of the game. I thought both rookies played OK in limited duty. They didn’t hurt the team and that’s what you hope for from guys in that position. They even made some noise in the offensive zone on one shift. I imagine Mackay’s stay could get extended considering the current circumstances.

As you can hear in the Mark Lamb interview, the news from Lowry’s surgery wasn’t good. He will be in a cast for at least two months. That means the most optimistic return is late February and there is a good chance he doesn’t play again this season. That’s a very tough break for both the team and Lowry himself.

I loved the way guys stepped up in the game against the Raiders tonight. Blanke and Magnus both had very solid games in helping generate opportunities on the second line with Graham Black. Brad Hoban slid seamlessly onto the top line with Vause and Gordon. The Cave/Derko/Dale line did a lot of good work as well. The Broncos really controlled the game in terms of puck possession and number of quality chances. It was a consistent, sixty minute effort from the home club in front of a crowd of over 2700 for Two-Two-Tuesday.

I thought the change to Reum/Nedomlel and Heatherington/Muth on D worked. Graeme Craig had a quietly good game in his return from injury and Scarlett was just terrific in his own zone  as usual. Craig may not be the Scott Stevens that people want all big, strong d-man to be. Not every big guy is going to be that physically aggressive and it doesn’t always work for those who are. He is playing very smart defensive hockey against skilled players when tasked to shut down the other team’s top lines. I really like how he has been handling that job. You don’t notice him… and in a good way. If you watch close he is playing very effectively in that role in his more recent opportunities. I wonder what we will see from the lineup on Friday when Fleming is back from his one-game suspension.

I’m sure the Broncos were getting frustrated as they dominated the game and were down 2-0 after the second period. However, they must be getting used to having to erase multi-goal deficits at this point. It’s getting to be old hat. The character to come back was apparent again. If only they didn’t end up in a position where they needed to come from behind so often!

Cole Holowenko was very good in the Raider goal and the Broncos didn’t cash in on a lot of the great chances they created. The execution around the net to me was the only thing really lacking in a very solid performance. That cost them the regulation win tonight. When you let a game you dominate get to a shoot out… you are taking away your chance to win the game on your own terms.

The Raiders are surely happy to leave Swift Current with their fourth consecutive win. They didn’t have the kind of game I usually expect out of a Prince Albert club. They often get a lot of rubber to the Broncos goal. Tonight they didn’t even get to 25 shots over 65 minutes. The Broncos really controlled the pace and gave Prince Albert’s top guns very limited space to work with. Swift Current had another strong effort and only a single point to show for it. Another game where we can talk about the positives and lament a missed opportunity for more.

The heart, will, work ethic and character are obvious. They are a group that I would think any fans can find a reason to get behind. They are also a group that really has to start putting teams away when they have a chance, because these winnable games are the difference between a ticket to the dance and an early ticket home in March.

Up next is a trip to Regina to take on the Pats for the first time since a season opening home and home game. The Pats put some extra distance between themselves and the Broncos in the two weeks before Christmas. Swift Current needs to start cutting into that distance ASAP. We know they will never give up, but with a trade deadline looming I would think they need to get results here fast or there could be some veterans moving to contenders over the next few weeks.

I don’t want to sound negative. I loved the way the Broncos played tonight and it was a blast at the rink with the great atmosphere and terrific energy on the ice. They are playing a brand of hockey any fan would enjoy. The product is top-notch and I am very entertained almost every night. I also know that dressing room really wants to be in the playoffs. They’ve got to find that killer instinct and string some wins together to open that road up a little bit.


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8 Responses to Post Game Audio: Raiders 3 Broncos 2 (SO)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shawn i think we all know as Bronco fans that this team does not quit, but bottom line this team outside of a few players are very thin on talent. I will eat crow if this team makes the playoffs..I hope they prove me wrong. Shawn in our section last night we couldn’t get over how banged some of our players were in the third period .. as Mr Lamb some how always thinks you shorten the bench in the third period…Could someone please tell me how many mistakes Hoban can make in a game before he takes a seat at the end of the bench….What a joke for a 20yr old.

    • shawnmullin says:

      The only way he shortened the bench was that he didn’t play his 4th line in the third period. It was still three lines/three pairings for the whole period.

      I think it is natural that you don’t play the midget call ups in the third period when you’re down 2-0. I thought those guys handled themselves well, but that is not usually a situation where you see the 4th line… let alone a 4th line made up of two call ups.

      I don’t think Hoban had a very good December, but I thought he played a solid game against Prince Albert. He also tied the game on a very nice re-direction. He’s been a very good penalty killer for the team, his play on the wall in his own zone has improve dramatically IMO, he ran the 2nd PP unit effectively when everyone was still healthy and helped Black’s development a lot this season. He’s not perfect. He’s also I think unfairly a whipping boy for some fans.

      We’re talking about a guy who is now in his 5th season as a Bronco and has represented the team well. The team voted on their captains and Hoban got an A so he has the respect of his teammates. Even if people don’t like the way he plays I wish it was approached in a more respectful manner.

      RE: talent level/playoffs

      I would obviously love to call some Bronco playoff games this year. I think fans would love to see them and the players obviously want to get there. Most people didn’t expect them to even really be in the mix at the start of the year… especially after Soberg’s departure.

      The big picture this year was all about changing the culture and developing some of their young talent as the rebuilding process continues. I think we can all agree the culture has changed. The team is tougher, they stand up for each other and they work until the end of the game no matter what the score. I think we can also agree that there have been some positive developments with young talent like Gordon, Black, Cave and Heatherington. A lot of the returning guys have made big steps forward as well.

      I’m sure the team will see it as a failure to miss the playoffs and they absolutely can make it in. Even if they don’t… they have been very entertaining and I’ve really enjoyed covering them this year. For a team only one year into a rebuilding process I think they are on the right track.

  2. Anonymous says:

    21 mistakes at least, because I have counted 20 and he was rewarded by being moved up to the top line the next game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the irrational hate for Hoban from some fans in this city is ridiculous. he doesn’t play physical and some of you act like he shot your dog. he did score the tying goal by the way!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The shot was going about 2ft wide & hit his stick…Ya awesome goal. Does anyone remember that he had two cracks at getting the puck out on PA’s first goal. Shawn i do agree with you on the excitment of this team, but come March we will be on the outside looking in…There is not a hope that we are catching the Pats or the Hitmen. I hope i am wrong, but i can’t see it.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Anon… I don’t get why you shrug your shoulders at that. It was a nice deflection by someone who has proven to have good hand-eye. That’s not just a fluke.

      If some of the people who constantly rag on Hoban watched any players as closely as they watch him they would come up with things to complain about every game.

      I’m not saying there aren’t valid complaints I’m saying he is unfairly targeted for more criticism than he deserves. Just my opinion.

      I’m not going to tell you the Broncos are for sure going to make the playoffs. It’s going to be a major challenge. But as I said I don’t think that’s the most important measure of success for this franchise at the point they are at in their development.

      • Anonymous says:

        Shawn i really do like the direction this team is heading in the future. How can you go on about all the great things Hoban does on the ice…I have never ever in my life seen a softer player & besides this guy is a 20 yr old….Give me a 16 or 17 yr old who works his butt off every night over this guy…

      • shawnmullin says:

        I’m not going on and on about his positives I’m just saying I think some fans are too hard on him. He’s a big boy and I’m sure he can handle it but I just think the tone of some if the comments I’ve read here and elsewhere has been a little over the top.

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