Broadcast Audio: Warriors 3 Broncos 0

(Photo by Darwin Knelsen)

Post-Game Coach’s Show with Darren Evjen (Download)

Not much to add to this one. It wasn’t a great performance by any means. However, Moose Jaw is a very good hockey team. It felt a lot like the Edmonton game on Friday except the Broncos got better goaltending tonight. Groenheyde was very good again. They also had some very good push back at times but couldn’t convert some great chances.

How about that fight between Andy Blanke and Kendall McFaull? It was as good as any I’ve seen this year. I didn’t see much of Blanke after the fight though. Hopefully he will be OK. He did play a couple of shifts after so perhaps he was injured in an unrelated play. I’ll get an update later.

The one thing about watching teams like Edmonton and Moose Jaw is knowing where they came from. Last season they were both road teams in the playoffs. Two seasons ago Moose Jaw barely made the playoffs and the Oil Kings were dead last. Three seasons ago they were both out of the playoffs and it was the Warriors in dead last. Four seasons ago Moose Jaw barely made the playoffs and the Oil Kings were out of the playoffs. Five seasons ago Moose Jaw missed the playoffs and the Oil Kings didn’t even exist.

What is my point? Rebuilding takes patience and rebuilding works. The same holds true in Kamloops and Portland where those teams really struggled for several years before their teams turned into Western Conference powers.

I can’t guarantee that the Broncos are going to be in the same spot as Portland, Kamloops, Edmonton and Moose Jaw within the next few seasons. What I can say is they have a much better chance of getting there after a low finish and some high picks in 2010/11. More high picks this year certainly won’t hurt the cause.

Over the last few days we saw two great examples of what the future could hold. It sure looks fun.


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5 Responses to Broadcast Audio: Warriors 3 Broncos 0

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have to give credit to Walker for standing strong in his fight with Beach!!! We have 20 year olds on the team that wouldn’t do that. Good for him to drop the mits with one of the leagues tough guys!!!

    • shawnmullin says:

      Absolutely I give him a ton of credit for that. He took a ton of shots early in that scrap and kept standing in there. Really good display of guts. I’m sure that will mean something to his teammates.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some credit to Beach. Which is very rare. But he recognized Walker was no competition and held way back from letting him have it. Beach even took one off the nose and refrained from pounding Walker. I’m not a Beach fan at all but he could have seriously pummelled Walker but took the high road.

    Wow does our offence really miss Lowry. The PP is anemic without him in front of the net. Maybe Lamb needs to look at moving Craig up on the PP. Doesn’t use him at the point anyways.

  3. BroncoPride says:

    I have total respect for the eye of Mark Lamb and Jamie Porter and the Broncos have a fantastic scouting staff. What killed the team was a continual patch work job by Dean Chynoweth to win regular season games despite what was being taken from the future. Chynoweth’s tenure was a house of cards and he fooled a lot of people. But today we see the real truth that Chynoweth left Lamb and Porter with basically no organizational depth. Lamb and Porter deserve another 3 years to get this thing righted. They need to be a playoff team next year, and go into round two in 13-14. If so, then things are back on track. Chynoweth damn near killed the team and we need to allow Porter and Lamb the time to revive it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can’t totally blame Chynoweth. The Board at that time had a different direction than the current Board. Don’t forget Chynoweth took over absolutely nothing from McEwen and Smith when he came in. Built a solid team in 3 years. If he doesn’t lose Zack Smith and Dale Weise as 20 year olds in his fourth year there would be another banner in the iPlex and you’d be praising him.

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