Lamb Interview, Vause Photoshop Skills, Gordon Top Prospects

We all knew Taylor Vause was a talented hockey player. We have seen him become a leader in the dressing room and in the community. Now the Broncos Captain is gaining some fame for his graphic design skill.

Earlier this week I got my first look at the NHL photoshops Vause has put together and it’s very impressive stuff.  From Call Of Doughty to You Don’t Mess With The Johan it’s funny stuff and professional quality work. There’s a reason why on his Broncos website profile Vause says if not for hockey he would be looking to start his own graphic design firm. I would think based on the quality of that work there is a future in it if Taylor wants one. You can check it out on that link I posted above and on his twitter account.

So we have had Graham Black the piano player, Taylor Vause the graphic artist… what’s next? Colby Cave the opera singer? Reece Scarlett the juggler? Who else has a hidden talent? I hear Mark Lamb is quite the rodeo man actually.


Speaking of Lamb, I had a chance to chat with him today about the weekend and tomorrow’s game in Saskatoon…

Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb (Download)

It will be interesting to see what kind of lines the Broncos put together for the games on Tuesday and Wednesday. With Coda Gordon in Kelowna for the CHL Prospects Game who will move up to the top line and top power play unit? After some recent struggles what will the second line look like? There are four games this week and this could be make or break time for the Broncos.


As I mentioned, Coda Gordon is off to the prospects game this week. Good luck to him. Gordon is the type of player who finds a way to make a positive impact in a game even when you may not have noticed him for most of it. If scouts take notice of anything with him it should be his hockey sense. Hopefully he gets a chance to show what he is all about. Gordon has been a great story this year and is already up to the 20 goal mark. Who would have thought that back in August? I hope he enjoys the ride this week!

(Photo from the WHL twitter

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