Draft Coverage

I wanted to respond to a couple of comments about our draft coverage I’ve received. Me covering it from our office in Swift has nothing to do with our company being “cheap” and actually it wouldn’t cost anything but gas for me to go. For the record this is my decision based on us being short staffed until our new news person starts the week after. I like going but I don’t think it improves the coverage we can offer enough for me to make someone else work on their day off so I can take a nice little trip. Realistically I can cover the draft in a more complete way at home because the prospects aren’t actually there. If I’m at the office I can personally get reaction and analysis from Mark Lamb, Jamie Porter and the draft picks themselves… At the draft I have no access to the players so I’d be making an already short news room do those interviews for me too.

It’s not that we won’t hire someone… they are starting May 7th.

Our company has always been willing to send me to anything I’ve asked to go cover and I’m sure we would have made it work if i had insisted. I simply felt that would have been selfish of me because the main benefit of going to the draft is my own enjoyment not the level of our coverage. If you have an issue with that blame me not the company as it was my call.

We try to cover as much news and sports as we can. If you think we’re missing any events or sports we should be covering feel free to let me know and we’ll look into it. My door is always open. shawn.mullin@goldenwestradio.com is my work email and our newsroom phone is 773-NEWS.

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Play by Play Broadcaster for the WHL's Swift Current Broncos on 94.1 FM The Eagle.
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1 Response to Draft Coverage

  1. shawnmullin says:

    I received a comment from “Someone” I removed just out of fairness to people named in it.

    Someone: thanks for the comment but I don’t want to include names of guys rumoured to have been asked to coach the Legionnaires. It’s not fair for those guys to have their names out there when they haven’t chosen to put their names out there. I’ve heard many of those same names and I’d say they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t at least kick tires on most of those guys to see if there was interest.

    Not only is the program under the microscope after all the uncertainty it also has an unattractive practice time of 12pm. I would say that is the one of the biggest reasons some qualified coaches can’t make it work. Most people work during the day!

    But in regards to the Legionnaires coaching situation… you are right it’s probably time to start asking questions about their progress in the search for a new coach. I’ll see what I can dig up.

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