Win Trip to Hawaii at Elmwood Men’s Night

Junior golf lessons at Elmwood (Photo from Elmwood’s Facebook Page)

It’s about time we had some gorgeous spring weather! The heat and sun from the last week has allowed Elmwood to open up all 18 greens and start getting the course much closer to summer condition. Things are looking really good and men’s nights are going to start getting bigger and bigger. That continues tonight. It’s a 4pm shotgun start and if nothing else you can laugh at how I’m going to ruin Sheldon Reinhart’s team with my brutal performance.

One of the things they’re starting with men’s night this year is that every time they get over 120 golfers signed up they will give away a 2 for 1 trip to Hawaii. That’s incentive to get your friends to come out with you. It’s also just one of a bunch of things going on at the golf course and I chatted with GM Reinhart about it yesterday…

Elmwood GM Sheldon Reinhart (Download)

They are doing the same promotion with Ladies night (which is on Tuesdays)  if they get over 60 golfers. As the summer goes on the men and ladies nights are going to keep getting bigger and bigger. I know from the time I was there last year it’s just a big social gathering. Even if you’re not a great golfer it’s a chance to catch up with friends and get to know some new ones. At least that’s what I tell myself… because if it’s about competing I’m just a giant mess out there!

In talking to Sheldon yesterday it sounds like the junior lessons are going great this year. They’re getting close to 300 kids out there. The future of golf in this area should be pretty bright then! You can check out Elmwood’s new Facebook page to see some more pictures of their junior lessons. Seems like the kids have been having a blast.

Speaking of the future at Elmwood… the one big thing they’ve been doing this year is trying to bring in more younger members. It’s been a priority of management and Sheldon tells me they’ve got more new members this year than they’ve had in a long time. The key to doing that I imagine has been making it really attractive for anyone 19 to 39 to join for the first time.

If you’re 19 to 29 you can join for $523. That’s basically golfing what 10 times? For anyone 30 to 39 it’s $800 and still a really sweet deal. Again the idea is that they need to start building that younger membership and they are sure making it easier on you if you’re in that age range. They’ve got payment plans too so you don’t have to drop all that cash at once. Check out all the membership rates by clicking here.

If you’re making plans for the long weekend they’ve got the Diamond Energy Two Person Scramble at Elmwood. Click here to check out the rules. It goes on Saturday and Sunday.

Again thanks to Elmwood for sponsoring the blog. If you enjoy what you read here their support makes it possible so please make sure to support them when you can!

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