Andy Blanke Interview

Andy Blanke going into battle (photo by Darwin Knelsen)

Interview with Andy Blanke on joining the U of S (Download)

Blanke is a class act as always. He appreciates everything he got, but he worked his butt off to make it all happen for himself. I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing him well at the University of Saskatchewan. Scroll down for more on Blanke and an interview with Mark Lamb.


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One Response to Andy Blanke Interview

  1. TopChedz says:

    Andy Blancke did what any Swift Current boy would do if given the chance. He clawed and chewed for every inch of everything. Andy was special but I am always left scratching my head that the organization just doesn’t seem to understand the pool of talented hard workers in the area. This organization’s cultural revite came on the back of an undersized kid from 100 K’s south. Nobody worked harder than Kirwan who came from 30 miles west. What the team may be overlooking is that heart and love of the franchise is what drives a guy like Blancke. Please don’t tell me that 3-4 guys a year couldn’t come from the area. Even now there are 95,96 and 97 born players who would give their left arm who can’t even get an invite to camp here who are going to other camps. It would be different if there were 40 wins a year going up on the board. For some reason, the team just can’t get their mind around the fact that the right Southwest Saskatchewan boys would rather die than give less than 100 percent. That includes on and off the ice. Whole bunch of great talent, toughess and grit leaving the area every year. It would be different if banners were going up. Back to Andy. Here is hoping you opened the eyes that a postal code that starts with S can translate into something pretty special on the ice.

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