Post-Game Audio: Broncos 3 Pats 2 (OT)

Coda Gordon against the Pats last season (Photo by Darwin Knelsen)

Highlights of The New Pioneer Co-op Broncos Hockey (Download)

Post-Game Interview with Broncos Assistant Coach Jamie Heward (Download)

Pre-Game Interview with Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb (Download)

Pre-Game Interview with Pats Coach Pat Conacher (Download)

The Q with Jamie Heward (Download)

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  • Low Cost Towing Unsung Hero: Dillon Heatherington
  • Standard Motors Crunch of the Game: Josh Derko
  • Herbert Auto Tough Guy of the Game: Tanner LeSann

Oops I thought I had hit publish on this post before I went to bed this morning and I didn’t. Sorry for the delay.

Well that overtime win was a long time coming for the Broncos. After four losses in previous trips to overtime this season, they must have felt an enormous sense of relief. Jamie Heward talked about learning how to win and this game was another step in that way.

It was a good rebound night for the power play after going 0 for 5 against Red Deer they went 3 for 6 on this night and won the special teams battle. Black’s goal was just a great shot, while Gordon did what we have come to expect from Gordon… knowing where to be and finishing when he gets his chances. That’s how he will make his living in this game. The PP is not a surprise, but the improved PK has been huge for the Broncos so far this season. Killing off both 5 on 3s was no doubt the difference maker in this game.

Another game saver was Graeme Craig’s huge stick check in the final minutes of the third period with the game tied to prevent what would have been a tap in on a rebound chance for the Pats.

There was a significant reaction from the home crowd in the overtime when Josh Derko didn’t get called for his huge hit on Colby Williams and then Kade Pilton got called for a lesser hit on Dillon Heatherington. I haven’t seen a replay of the hits in question, but outside of it being a massive impact I don’t know why Derko should have been penalized.  He was following Williams that whole time and finally nailed him when he got an opening. I’ve heard some fans said it should have been interference so I’d have to see it again to see how quickly Derko hit him as Williams let go of the puck… but it’s not like he wasn’t the puck carrier to that point. Again I don’t want to give a definitive opinion without being able to revisit the hit… but it just seemed like a huge clean check at the time and was certainly a big factor in setting up the victory. Derko has been playing a great physical game this season and is turning some heads.

As for the Pilton penalty, he got his gloves high on Heatherington and that’s why it was called. Would it bother me if that was let go in overtime? Not really, but I also can see why it was a penalty. The tough thing about a game like hockey is that you could rewind and review 60+ minutes every night and find borderline penalties that weren’t called. If they wanted to referees could call penalties on every shift. It’s a fine line that I’m glad I don’t have to walk.

Whether  you agree or disagree with the penalties in overtime, the bottom line is that each team had their chances. The Pats were on 5 on 3s twice that the Broncos weren’t happy about and each team had 6 turns on the power play. I’m not saying power plays should be even, but they were in this game and both teams can say they had a chance to put the game away. In this case the Broncos did and they get the extra point.

As for letting the game get to overtime, I thought Swift Current played an excellent third period with the lead. They gave up almost nothing 5 on 5, killed off an extended 5 on 3 and were quite poised while doing it.The problem with a one goal lead is that it only takes a split second and a little bit of room for a guy like Chandler Stephenson to find hole and tie the game… which he did.

Swift Current has now earned 5 of a possible 6 points against Regina this season. After only winning a total of twice against the Pats in the last two seasons they have to be pleased with the results this season so far. It’s another indication that this team is built for a lot more success than those last two groups were.

Tonight the Broncos get to test themselves against the two-time defending Western Conference champions. It’s your only chance over a two-year span to see a very deep and talented Winterhawks roster. It’s probably your only chance to ever watch Seth Jones in Swift Current before he’s drafted towards the top of the NHL Entry Draft. If you’re a hockey fan do yourself a favour and come check the game out tonight!

I’ll talk to you on The Eagle 94.1 at 6:30pm.


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