Post-Game Audio: Raiders 5 Broncos 1

(Photo by Darwin Knelsen)

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Post-Game Interview with Broncos Assistant Coach Darren Evjen (Download)

Pre-Game Interview with Broncos D Reece Scarlett (Download)

Pre-Game Interview with Mark Lamb (Download)

Pre-Game Interview with Raiders Coach Steve Young (Download)

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It was clear tonight that the Broncos just ran the tank to empty and didn’t have enough in them to compete with the Prince Albert Raiders. It’s just just the physical side of things, but that fatigue causes you to make mental errors as well. Four games in five nights, including three in a row, was too much to overcome against a Raiders team that had Saturday off and didn’t have to travel today. Prince Albert is too talented to have that kind of energy advantage and they took advantage of it.

I look forward to seeing these two teams battle in a game with more even circumstances. I don’t mean to take away from the Raiders victory, I just think these clubs would play a very entertaining game against one another in a better circumstance.

It’s hard to break a game like that down too effectively. Who need to be better? Pretty much everyone. Time to get a rest on Monday and hopefully come back refreshed on Tuesday when Lethbridge is in town. The Broncos need to find a way to score some goals again because 5 over 4 games won’t win you anything and Lethbridge has been playing some pretty good hockey of late.

Here is my Swift Current Online recap:

Four games in five nights caught up to the Swift Current Broncos in Prince Albert on Sunday. A rested Raiders club jumped on the Broncos early and often on the way to a 5-1 victory. The loss was Swift Current’s 4th in their last 5 games. They’ve only scored 5 times over that stretch.

“It was one of those games where we had not a whole bunch of jump,” said Broncos Assistant Coach Darren Evjen. “They outplayed us in a lot of areas. If anything if our power play would have got going we could have maybe salvaged something.”

The Broncos ended up 1 for 6 on the power play. Prince Albert was 0 for 2 with both of their chances coming late in the game.

The hosts had a 9-0 shot advantage on Swift Current within the first five minutes of the first period. Mike Winther opened the scoring as he has three whacks at his own rebound to give the Raiders a 1-0 lead.

Swift Current drew a couple of power play opportunities in the second half of the first period to swing the momentum back in their favour. Coda Gordon banked in a power play goal off of Graham Black in front of the Raider net to tie the game up through twenty minutes of play.

After the Broncos failed to convert an early man advantage in the second period, the Raiders took control of the game. Dakota Conroy deflected in a Mark McNeill pass to restore the Prince Albert lead and turn the tide in their favour. Chance Braid then scored on a deflection and Conroy knocked in his second of the period on a goalmouth scramble to extent Prince Albert’s lead to 4-1.

Landon Bow replaced Eetu Laurikainen in the third and Bardaro extended the lead to 5-1 for the Raiders. Laurikainen stopped 29 of 33 shots he faced in 40 minutes of work to take the loss, while Bow made 14 saves on 15 Raider shots. Luke Siemens got the win for the Raiders with 28 saves of his own.

“Eetu played good tonight,” Evjen said. “(Bow) needs to get some experience it’s a good opportunity for him to go in. If he goes in there makes some stops, if we get back in the game with a couple of goals then away we go.”

The Broncos seemed to struggle in battles in front of their own goal as their fatigue showed.

“It starts usually before that with a guy running out of position and opening up a hole,” Evjen added. “You’ve got to play smart and hang in there… when you’re tired you’ve got to use your energy at the right time. You’ve got to defend and make easy plays.”

Swift Current tried out some different line combinations as they started with Graham Black between Adam Lowry and Coda Gordon. The line didn’t last together throughout the game as the coaching staff tried to mix in some fresher players from the 3rd and 4th line to bring some energy. Swift Current is now 5-5-3-1 on the season and sitting second in the East Division behind Prince Albert.

The Broncos only get one day off on Monday before hosting the Lethbridge Hurricanes on Tuesday evening. It’s their only home game of the week before a trip to Cranbrook and Lethbridge on the weekend.


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60 Responses to Post-Game Audio: Raiders 5 Broncos 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Enough of the excuses Evjen…If not for your fin netminder, you wouldn’t even be a 500 hockey club.

    • Anonymous says:

      you play four games in five days and see how you do on the road on the last day when the other team is rested.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s similar to what the Americans said when they left here after playing 6 in 8, and Portland said after 6 in 9…… or maybe not.

      • Anonymous says:

        but when the americans and winterhawks came here the broncos had played the night before. prince albert was completely rested. they had the night off saturday and were at home.

  2. TopChedz says:

    Whe you have the oldest team in the league like the broncos, you count on the age being a factor. Otherwise why not use younger guys, if the age doesnt make the difference…… the broncos are oldest team in league but the psyche sounds and looks like they are stuck in some mindset of being young. This year is pivotal for the longterm survival. They need to get a proper plan and gut it one more time because this team has a bleak future. I dont blame lamb, i blame chynoweth. But the broncs are curently playing patchwork like chynoweth did just to be okay. The difference is chynoweth had theconnections to do a 35 to 40 win patch job. Is nobody factoring how bad this team is nextyear as is………whyisnoone asking why they are the oldest team in the league withmost 19 year olds. They haveZERO young studs. Gut it again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    2nd place in the division and 4th place in conference…whats wrong with that!?! Thats a lot better than last year at this point in the season…I know its early but you have to remember that this is not a Memorial Cup Team YET…this is a team that should make the playoffs this year and be competative and we have seen that so far this season. Lamb has made some trades but has not given up the aces he is holding…if the right deal presents itself, I’m sure you will see a more signifcant trade either to aquire more depth for this team or a trade that makes us better for the long term. It takes time to build…Kamloops hasn’t been in the playoffs for a few years….I don’t think they have lost a game yet…be patient, it will happen!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are mistaken, Kamloops went to 7 games in the second round last year with Portland. In the last few years they only missed the play offs in 2010/11….Beyond that they have always made the playoffs….

  4. TopChedz says:

    Kamloops never had the oldest team in the league at any point of their rebuild. The broncos cannot compare themselves to kamloops because bonner in kamloops took the extra year in his rebuild and admitted to fans where they were. In swift,there is no resemblance to that. A team tbat shows nosigns of maturity but still turning overthe most players in the league this summer. Then what….maybe 2 or 3 significant players remaining, and very little inthe95and 96 draft. Once again, oldest teamin the league and no signs of true success on the horizon this year and a wasteland next year. This team will struggle to make plaoffs and theywont gut it…….still 3 to4 years away from making playoffs twice ina row. So just gut itnow.

    • shawnmullin says:

      I think the oldest team in the league thing is misleading. This year’s tame has little to do with the rebuilding process that started with the Eakin trade. This team is carried by what was a pretty good 1993 cluster with some nice additions that have paid off to make them competitive.

      The rebuild started with the draft of 1996 born players. There is only one of those guys on the team right now. The “future” of this rebuild is in the 1996 and 1997 draft classes. Guys like Martin, Gonek, Odgers, Gawdin, Child and whomever else emerges from those draft classes. Should they have 3-4 16-year-olds on the roster just to sell the youth movement or should those guys be put in the place that offers them the best possible development at this age?

      The turnover from this year to next is logical because it’s that time where those draft clusters have to start asserting their place on the roster with the 1996s coming into next fall as 17-year-olds.

      Again the roster this year has very little to do with the rebuild. This team is not the result of the rebuilding process and no one here is trying to suggest it is. It’s a group of players that developed together over a couple of rough years and with significant returning guys have a chance to be a good team together. It’s so happens that the strongest draft over that period was the 1993 draft and that’s where the core guys like Scarlett and Lowry came from.

      I think the results will end up being pretty solid this year. They should be a playoff team… how high depends on them coming up with some better third period results I would suspect. Yesterday’s game was the first time they haven’t been in a game for most of it so finding ways to close out close games consistently I would reason is the key for them.

      But these guys are not here as a result of that rebuild. They are here for unrelated reasons to make the current team as good as it can be.

      I’m not suggesting fans can’t or shouldn’t have high expectations. More is expected of this year’s team because they are an older team and because they have the talent to be 3-5 points ahead of where they are so far I’d say. That’s totally understandable. However, the age thing doesn’t connect to the plans started in February 2011. That table has been set but will still take a while to develop and come together. Any success or failure this group has won’t determine how good or bad that future team will be.

  5. Anonymous says:

    2nd place in the division alright…Few more loses & you will see us vanish pretty quick & then its a up hill battle to make the playoffs. Poster look at the standings & see how my pts the other teams are behind us & plus they have a couple games in hand. I said when we lost to Everet that we would lose 3 of 4 on the weekend. This team just does not compete night in night out & teams are walking into our barn & setting the tempo…I am one disappointed fan & know that there are fans who are getting sick & tired of all these promises without any results.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Plus out of those 19 year olds Scarlett, Lowry and Nedomlel won’t return as 20 year olds as they will turn pro. Not NHL or even AHL but they are all good enough to play ECHL or Europe. So that leaves Benson, Derko, Dale and Black as overagers next season. Nothing wrong with being old in a rebuilding year when you know 3 won’t be back.

    • shawnmullin says:

      That’s probably right. Nedomlel and Lowry both have to be signed yet and Laurikainen’s status is a question mark too… but I’m sure the Broncos are planning for them to not be back. There will be significant turnover next season for sure. That said, if Black is back… Heatherington, Martin, Cave, Bews, Gordon, etc… that’s still a solid returning veteran core if the young guys come in strong.

      But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

  7. TopChedz says:

    Lamb drafted the poor 95 class. Do you not know that? How can you just declare a starting date for a rebuild? The rebuild is on rightnow and the team is the oldest in the league. You sound as though there is no choice. The choice is to get some good 95s in here, get younger and admit its a rebuild. As for yourvaunted 96class, have a second to think. Their local maynever play a regular shift as he just isnt rugged enough and their 2nd rounder just quit. Youcan defend all you want. Oldest team, tryingto sell patience,butnot willing to do it right. Not everyone is dumb. This team wont make playoffs twice in a row before 2016, if then. A mess.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Because the rebuild didn’t start until the Eakin trade in February 2011 so the 95 draft isn’t a part of that.

      That said, Heatherington and Mackay are on the team from that draft. Bosc from that draft could still be here at some point.

      I’m not giving them a pass for that draft or others, I’m saying the rebuild and the youth movement started with the Eakin trade in the spring of 2011 and that’s why those players are mostly not even here yet. This current team should be judged on its own rather than as connected to the rebuild. One has nothing to do with the other. That’s all I’m suggesting.

      As for Odgers “quitting” it had nothing to do with quitting and everything to do with wanting to be a better player long term. Will it work? Who knows I can’t predict that. He’ll be back here though… and that local player is off to a great start this season btw.

      I’m not saying the 96 and 97 class will be successful. I didn’t draft them I’m not predicting anything. I’m just saying you can’t analyze the rebuild yet because it was based around those two draft classes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Every team has a tough schedule. Enough excuses Shawn. American teams have cut a swath through the east on little rest. Saying you wish these teams met on “more even circumstances” is an insult to these athletes who work hard on their conditioning. Both teams are pretty much injury free. Pretty even to me.

    • shawnmullin says:

      An insult? Calm down. I comment on what I saw. Maybe their conditioning needs improvement? Who knows. What I saw was a team that ran out of gas. I even said fans won’t accept it as an excuse but it was very obvious they didn’t have near the energy or legs PA did. Given the respective schedules it wasn’t a surprise either.

      Should I not say it because I know some fans will call it being an apologist? Well that’s too bad because it’s what I saw and it’s being honest. That’s all I can do. If you saw the game and saw something different great… That’s how it goes.

  9. TopChedz says:

    So they get a do over, or better yet, get to revise history and wipe their 95 class out of the draft. You have no idea whether odgers will be a better player, or be back. There are always circumstances for wjy people quit. But he quit. Very few top 30 players dont play. His dad, an nhler, pulled him out, deeming it not the right settingfor his son to develop. Look at the goalie situation. One of the best 15 year olds in the province right inthe backyard and doesnt even get taken to maincamp. What about spencer wand, vanstone. Vanstone one of the top players in the country for his age, passed over for two guys who may or maynot play. Vanstone will come back many times to haunt. Spencer wand, one ofthe biggest meanest locals ever, pased over. Iguess they dont need a 6 foot 3 shutdown monster who would bring 100 fans a game and will be the most feared guy inthe league at 18. Shawn, your loyalty is great, but you cant have an answer for everything. If you are revising history and bronco world 2011 is the new reset, then why the hell are they letting the team remain the most 93s in the league. Move them all, and forgetabout now. Set a goal forbacktoback playoffs 14 through 16. Buildthe 95s, build the 96s. Instead of pretending the 95 draft didnt happen, in some omission of history,admit it did and it sucks. Admit odgers and wittman look marginal. And do something as a staff to rectify it. Why is a struggling team icing the most 93s in the league? I admire your loyalty, but there is nothing to justifyit. They could win the memorial cup with the current age ratio andstill destroy the future.

    • shawnmullin says:

      You’re not paying attention to what I said so I’m not going to bother going back and forth with you. That’s fine you have your opinion everyone has a right to. Again I’m not judging things one way or another I’m just trying to provide some context.

      You also seem to forget the 1995 draft only had one pick in the first 3 rounds. I’d say that pick was very successful! But the organization made clear since that they need to keep their high picks and build through the draft.

      And additionally… If it was so easy to trade 19 year olds for stud 17 year olds everyone would do it.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Of note on this old thing…

      From last season to this one the broncos turned over the 3 overage players plus Austin Smith, Adam Smith, Eric Walker, Adam Rossignol, Andy Blanke, Eric Fleming, Christian Magnus and Jordan Evans.

      That’s 11 players. A few of whom were moved out to make way for younger guys.

      From this year to next they’ll turn over the 3 overages and 5 of the 8 current 19 year olds.

      That’s only 8.

      Their turnover will be at a normal level.

  10. TopChedz says:

    As for the even circumstances and the fatigue excuse against pa, pa is the youngest team in the division,the broncos the oldest. Does that even out the playig field at all? These excuses are taking root in your writing, but scarier yet, have come rightfromthe coaching staff. Pee wee coaches dont let their kids talk aboutfatigue and we have a junior coach focusing a team’s failure on not havig jump and not beingsmart. Symptomatic of an excuse based mindset. You would never hear stothers or hiller or williamson or nachbauer or johnsonspeak of an excuse. And if their media guys did, they would disspell it. They gotclobbered.

  11. TopChedz says:

    Dont go backand forth. We will leave it with the broncos being in trouble and all the propoganda in the world being unable to do anything about it. Your blog is awesome, you are a good announcer and a great person. But your unconditional support of an organization will take its toll on your cred. Are you a broadcaster or a pr guy. You dont have to bash, but your cheerleading people tobelieve the team is not imajor on ice trouble iscrazy.

    • shawnmullin says:

      When I think the team plays poorly I say it. I always have. If anyone listened to the broadcast tonight you wouldn’t think I’m just making excuses for them.

      I think you’re wrong about the big picture. Am I not allowed to disagree with you without being accused of being a cheerleader?

      If they are struggling come trade deadline time I’m sure they’ll trade veterans. They don’t expect to be out of the playoffs at that point but if they are I’m sure they will. Why rush to make those moves? Why not let the season play out? There are always ups and downs.

      You want to call it propoganda go ahead. I at least put my name on what i say unlike almost anyone else out here. It’s pretty easy to bash when you don’t have to be accountable for it.

    • shawnmullin says:

      But thanks for the kind words otherwise. We can disagree but I appreciate that.

  12. TopChedz says:

    Lethbridge has 20 guys on their roster eligible be back next year and just thumped the oldest team in the league 4 zip. Any rebuttal to that fact shawn? Lethbridge has the most players with 3 years eligibility in the league and won 4 zip. Ps. I was moaning about the broncos strategy and age when theyhad one loss only, so this isnt abandwagon thing. Ialso said the lamb extension was premature when the team was gettingpoints everynight. This team has won FIVE OF FIFTEEN games with the oldestteam in the league. Rebuttal?

    • shawnmullin says:

      Chedz I’ve said three times to you that the current roster has nothing to do with the rebuilding process. What more do you want me to say?

      Lethbridge started their rebuild earlier than the Broncos did and as such they have quite a few young players on their roster who are the faces of that rebuild and who are in the middle of that process.

      The Broncos started that process openly in January of 2011. Their first draft after that was the spring of 2011. There is only one player from that process on this roster right now.

      The Broncos are wrapping up a talent cycle this year built around their 1993s. The success or failure of this group is a comment on that, but it’s not connected to the rebuilding process.

      How else can I express that? If you disagree and find it a flawed strategy more power to you. From the beginning all I was attempting to do is give context on how a “rebuilding” team can have an old team. It’s because most of the youth that the rebuild will be built around aren’t even on the team yet.

      Does this year’s team need to be better? Absolutely. They should be a playoff team based on the roster. If they aren’t a playoff team by the deadline I’m sure that will require them to contemplate making a few moves. We’re a long way away from that yet.

      I don’t know how else I can express what I’m trying to express to you. Clearly I’m not doing a very good job spelling it out because you keep coming back to the same thing about being old. I can only say this in so many ways.

  13. TopChedz says:

    Keep blidly standing by a failing plan and blindly supporting a team lacking wisdom. Does journalistic curiosity never kick in, whereyou at least consider that the team’s plan and coach gm are failing? Define stand by. As a journalist, should you not ever consider the view that contradicts the team’s rhetoric. When does journalistic reality kick in, where you ask if the team is actually the mess we say it is. You are forging your own journalistic character. If you wanna be a guy who discounts a whole line of thinking, go ahead. The team is in trouble andnoone will admit it. At least i presentfact and reasons. Youjustthrow out theories,hope and regurgitate the party line. Yougo one step further and make excuses. Oldest team, just got swacked twogamesbytwo very young teams. Swacked, not beat. 5 wins in 15 games. Defend that. Local hero rotting in stands. Defend that. Best 96 forward in province passed over. Defend that. Big tough 95 dman local passed over. Defend tbat. 6 fot 2 local stud goalie doesnt make main camp. Defend that. Top round 96 kid gets yanked by nhl dad. Defend that. FIVE WINS IN 15 GAMES. Defend that. Losing coach withmostsecure contract in league. Defend that.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Chedz I ask lots of questions and have asked lots of questions from day one. I asked the board why they would extend Coach Lamb’s contract when the on the ice results haven’t been good the last two years and they answered it. I think Mark is a good coach and I still asked that question because it has to be asked and it has to be answered.

      I asked about every angle of the organization in two hour+ interviews with Coach Lamb at the end of each of my seasons here to give the fans here as much insight into the way this organization is approaching things as possible. I ask as many questions about things both on and off the ice…or more… as anyone who does a similar job and I give them an opportunity to answer those questions.

      You as a fan have every right to hear those answers and disagree with those answers, but don’t tell me I don’t dig and I don’t ask the questions.

      The thing you don’t get about my replies here is that I’m not trying to “defend” anyone. You keep bringing up how old the team is in context of them being a rebuilding team, and I am merely explaining to you why it can be both an older team this year and one that began a talent rebuilding process 18 months ago.

      It seems to be the only thing that will satisfy you is if I say this team is a disaster and in terrible shape for the future. I don’t believe that.

      The fact that I don’t agree with that doesn’t mean I don’t “dig deep” and doesn’t mean that I don’t ask the questions that need to be asked. My job is to give people as much info as I can and they can make their own decisions. I might have an opinion, but I’m not telling anyone they have to share it.

      That includes you. I’m providing as much info as I can and mix in my opinion… take from that whatever you want. Just because you and I see things differently doesn’t make me a blind cheerleader who doesn’t ever ask difficult questions.

  14. TopChedz says:

    Ps. Does the broncos decision to eliminate any of the current staff’s decisions prior to february , 2011 require one of those cars like they used in back to the future. If, so did they save the car for feb. 2013, when they realize they wasted 2 years trying to salvage a playoff round. Last question. Will the special time changing car be available at thenext `everything is gonna be alright’ press conference. Ps. If we eliminated the 95 draft from history, do those players have souls?

    • shawnmullin says:

      I’ve responded to you in as many different ways as I can and have tried to be polite while you question my character and reply in as sarcastic a way as possible. I don’t even know why I’m bothering.

      After Coach Lamb evaluated the organization over 18 months on the job he, his staff and the board decided they needed to rebuild and stock up on high picks and prospects for a couple of years starting in January of 2011.

      That doesn’t mean they aren’t accountable for decisions made before that. That doesn’t mean they aren’t accountable for the current roster.

      That just means the rebuild they have been talking about started at that point.

      They then had multiple high picks in both the 1996 and 1997 drafts after the team struggled on the ice over the 10-11 and 11-12 seasons. They believe they have built up a very solid prospect depth over that period of time.

      They also believe the roster this year is good enough to be a playoff team. They haven’t traded away any youth in order to bolster that roster. They are simply carrying on with the group they had and they believe the team can have some success.

      If they don’t (and it’s too early to judge either way) decisions will have to be made about what to do with their older talent before the trade deadline.

      Keeping the current roster in tact so far does not reflect on the success or failure of their efforts to re-stock their system with the draft of 1996 and 1997 players. I’m not promising that plan will succeed, I’m just saying it’s impossible to judge whether it will succeed or not when those players aren’t even here yet.

      I’ve been as clear as I can be. I swear I’ve said the same thing 7 times now. I’m just wasting my time at this point.

  15. TopChedz says:

    Last question. Have you considered that the organization may be a mess. If not, are you saying the organization is devoid of any signs ofbeing a mess. A direct answer wil provide clarity.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Yes or no doesn’t work for me but to simplify it no I don’t think the organization is a mess by any means.

      I think the organization had unsuccessful drafts with their 1992 and 1994 birth years. The 1995 draft that you seem so unhappy with wasn’t a bad draft except for the fact that they had no 2nd or 3rd round picks and that kills the depth of top prospects.

      I think having unsuccessful drafts in those two years hurt the talent depth of the organization and was cause for reviewing their scouting practices. That’s something Coach Lamb and Jamie Porter did and we’ll see whether or not those changes paid off in the 2-3 years ahead.

      In addition, I agree with the organization’s belief that it was a mistake to spend the last decade trading away youth and futures just to make the playoffs every year.

      As a result, I agreed with the decision the organization made to re-evaluate how they do business on and off the ice. They did that with their strategic plan that took two years to develop… a plan they are now working off of and building their organization around.

      So it’s fair to say that yes there were problems and the organization admitted that and have tried to address that with the changes they’ve made.

      My contention is that the success or failure of those changes is yet to be determined. I think the youth they have in their system is impressive and their strategic plan on and off the ice will have them headed in the right direction long term.

      But I don’t know for sure it will work out. I am only offering an educated guess. I certainly hope it will.

      So direct answer? No I don’t think the organization is a mess. I do think they still have a lot to prove though… and I’m sure they would agree with that.

      I also don’t think the success or failure of this year’s team will answer those questions.

      So if this whole plan fails and four years from now we look back at the failure of the 96/97 drafts classes I suppose you could say I told you so. In that case all I could say is I never promised it would work, I only said we don’t know yet.

  16. TopChedz says:

    Dont want to say told you so. Im telling you now. This is showing signs ofbeing a wasteland. Now you are blamig the last regime ordiscussing them. Youwerent evenhere. How can you chastize what you didn’t see. So youcan pick apart the sins of what you didnot see? Start with what you do see.

    • shawnmullin says:

      I’m not blaming the last regime for anything. The board and current management pointed out themselves flaws in the way they had done business previously and have gone about trying to correct it.

      I think that’s logical, and I will reserve judgement on their success or failure until we see how it has worked over a longer term. You appear ready to judge them failures now and I’m not.

      Can we just say we disagree on that point and move on?

  17. TopChedz says:

    No problem. And perhaps you wil consider the ethical portion of journalism that involves looking for opinions contrary to spins, circular arguments and agenda based releases from an entity which has no checks and balances on a day to day basis. As a member of the media, if neighbors smell gas, gas detectors go off and plants are dying, and saskenergy says ”small leak, getting better”, and others say getting worse, how can you justify going explicitly with saskenergy and their story. You validate your pro bronco,the skyisnt falling stance, bysaying i asked the tough questions. So all they have to do is answer them with their take, and all is well? You should be providing all opinions and notfeeling a need to defend against a naysayer. Am i a naysayer. 100 percent against the notion this team is improving, and closer to excellence. Am i a naysayer against an extension. 100 percent. You cant discount myview, as thousands share itby avoidingthe team in droves. There was a time when a home loss was like a nuclear bomb. Today we have coaches blaming tired legs. You have a chance to get the truth. Better yet, let us speak without arguing everything. You are being their watchdog on here and you are blindly defending. This is not a fanblog. Let the truth surface without your spin. The frickin propoganda is ridiculous.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Providing all options? By asking the questions I’m giving the team a chance to respond to the opinions I hear out there and then you can choose to agree or disagree with that response. Make up your own mind. I’m not telling you how to think I just sometimes join the discussion when I feel I have something to offer.

      Oh so what you’re really saying is that you can question me again and again… challenge my professionalism at every front… But I shouldn’t be providing a counter point to anyone. What really bothers you is that I dare challenge what you say and the anonymous fan should be able you post whatever they want without having to defend that position?

      If I was really into “propaganda” why don’t I just delete everything you write rather than going through this teeth pulling with you?

      Tell you what though, if my free blog that I do on my own time isn’t nearly biting enough for you and it annoys you that I dare respond when I think a comment is off the mark… Please go ahead and stop reading or stop commenting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Very professional Shawn! I totally agree with all of your comments! Keep up the good work!!!

  19. TopChedz says:

    Its not about you challenging what i say. I am illuminating facts. If you disagree with my feeling that the facts point toward complete destruction of any hope of aback to back playoff team prior to 2016, fine. But believing a regime gets to do a reset is ridiculous.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think it is pretty obvious who is ridiculous in this conversation! I applaud you Shawn for being able to keep your cool while trying to have a rational conversation with a person who clearly thinks everything the organization is wrong no matter what points are made!

    • shawnmullin says:

      I’m easily drawn into debates… it’s a character flaw!

    • Ken Audette says:

      I am going to be critical here…Shawn last year I said how is this team going to be any better next year with the same core group?? My opinion is they will lose this year it’s just everyone wull be a year older, and look where they are. almost an identical record this year as last at this point, they can’t score, haven’t got the horses to challenge for a deep playoff run, and many nights look absolutely un-inspired. How long are we as fans supposed to remain patient?? 2 straight years out of the playoffs, this is a critical year for this team…3 straight years out of the playoffs is not an option and I certainly hope Mr. Lamb and crew realize that but watching the team they put on the ice so far this year it’s obvious the coaches don’t. We hear excuses and the same old same old after loss after loss after loss…where is the problem…draft picks? Scouting? Coaching? The organization says they want to become an elite franchise and so when does this start??? Are we rebuilding again?? Since 2005…back the Chynoweth era….this team has won ONE…that’s right ONE…playoff series..I for one am also sick and tired of hearing the excuses and the rebuild and the this and the that and why other teams are ALWAYS better than us. 5 wins in the first 15 is shameful…we’ll see…we’ll see

      • shawnmullin says:

        I don’t know what the rest of the season will hold Ken. I get that you’re frustrated. I think this team is better than their record but only time will tell at this point.

        I think part of what you’re seeing here is that the team failed to take advantage of when they were playing well at the beginning of the year and left points on the table. Every team goes through a slump, but it wouldn’t hurt as much if they had converted on 2 or 3 of those games they should have won instead of letting them get away late. 7-6-2 would be a lot easier to swallow than 5-6-4 probably.

        Now we wait and see how quickly they can work their way out of this slump. Every team gets into slumps, but the key is making sure they don’t eat you up and put you too far behind. Either way it’s very early and hopefully they are able to get the scoring going again quickly. They’re not the team that scores 7 or 10 goals a game, but they’re also not the team that only scores 1 or 2… it’ll end up in the middle somewhere.

  21. Anonymous says:

    TopChedz…you are illuminating facts!?!?!? REALLY!….you have not provided one fact in any of this! You have shared your opinions and your thoughts on where you think the team is headed…there are no facts in anything you have written. The only propoganda I see is what you have written…you have pubicly criticized Shawn, the Coaches, the Borad, the players, the scouts, the draft…all after game 15 of a 72 game season…you spent way to much time in the sun this summer and you have ZERO credibility!!!

  22. TopChedz says:

    I made several factual points. The first being that the oldest team in the league, with 10 losses in 15 games. Put your koolaid down and read them.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so you can read stats, that’s awesome! Here’s another fact for you, the season is 72 games long, not 15. I have an idea…the next time the Coach/GM job becomes avaliable, apply for it, or the next time a broadcasting/journalism job is advertised apply for it, or the Chairmen of the Board position is vacant…apply for it and see how you make out. You seem to know how everyhing works and how to build a team…step up to the plate and make a differnce rather than slamming the entire program and everyone involved. I know you can have your opinion, but I don’t agree with it.

  24. TopChedz says:

    First, this isnt about 15 games. Its about 6 years that have beeb committed to the current coach, who has the oldest team in the league with 5 wins in 15 games. Second, this isnt about me applying for anything. This is about airing the obvious. The team is old and inferior. The concept that i have to apply for the job to criticize it is ridiculous. As for the broadcaster…if he is going to blindly support and debate anyone who says the team is a mess, he is not open to both sides. This isnt time for the ridiculous notion that in order to critique, we have to apply for the job. This team just got swacked by two teams that are exponentially younger. Time to look at facts. The current regime is failing. Theyhave for the past 2 years and every day theycontinue on with an old mediocre team, they keep cooking next years goose too. This regime is clearly desperate to make playoffs…..forwhat reason. Next year theyll be left with less players than any other, and then what will they do….trade pogs and pokemon cards for players. Your anger tells me im hiting the truth. We resigned a coach for 3 more years who iscurrently icing a nonsensical age breakdown and STILL wining 5 of 15 games. When will a true rebuild happen? If the answer isnt pointing to now, this team is inhuge trouble for 5 or 6 years.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ok…don’t apply for the jobs. Can you please tell everyone how to build the team on this blog. Looking forward to seeing your plan. Thank you.

  26. TopChedz says:

    Hire a qualified assistant with playing experience that is fulltime, move every 19 and 20 year old on the roster i could for as many 95s as possible, get dakota odgers back, get spagrud in the lineup, get wittman up fulltime, admit i am in a 3 year rebuild, move up to 20 percent of my draft picks between 2013 and 2016 for a quality 1994 goalie, a quality 95 dman and a quality 96 forward, buckle up and start working to get everyone better, get gawdin and child into 5 games immediately, call it a rebuild, get porter living in swift or get someone who will, admit to the public that the team is rebuilding for real and plead for patience, get in the community more and more and get people loving the rebuild idea, finally, i would prepare to get lumped for two years but would be fine with it because it is our only hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      that’s ridiculous. trade all 19 and 20s for 17 year olds? do you think teams are going to trade their high end 17 year olds for the 19s and 20s here?

      it’s not that simple. you can’t just put a bunch of young guys out there together and say voila this team will work in two years. you have to put young players ina position to succeed. that means working them in slowly into positions that suit them.

      i stayed out of this until now but all i can say is what’s VERY obvious from all this foolishness from you is that you have never played or coached the game at a high level. you’re a local fan with an axe to grind because your favourite local players aren’t on the team and you don’t know anything about how this sport works and how a team is built.

      thank god for you that you don’t put your name on your posts because you’re embarassing yourself.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Top C…Some very good points & i couldn’t agree with you more…I don’t get this rebuild thing either when we have young kids sitting on the bench & not developing them. I said two wks ago that this team was in trouble & i hope that some vet stands up & gives these guys a swift kick in the ass. I am so sick of going to the rink & watching us get out worked. Its time someone stood up & took the bull by the horns.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Really, that’s your plan? I want to see who you are going to be drafting, I want to know that you have commitments from the players your are drafting, I want to see what positions they play, which way they shoot, I want to see the stats of the goalie you mention above, I want to see what teams have the players you are going to be trading with, I want to see the the list of bantam players that your scouts have watched all season long and why they think they should get drafted, who you would trade…….once again you have only listed your opinion of what you think they should do…that’s not a plan. ZERO credibility! And yes, you are embarssing yourself.

  29. Harvest says:

    This has become quite the interesting read. On one hand you have a guy in Top C whos never seen a glass half full and on the other hand you have a play by play guy who in all honesty has responded well but who is still employed by the team. Top C go to your boss tomorrow and call him an a##hole and other names and see how that pans out for you, you’ll have alot more time to blog after that. The team came out like gang busters at the start of the year, never seen an effort like they had in 15 years, in those first couple of games. Now they look listless and tired. It could be the schedule, it could be the system or it could be conditioning. Do i think lamb is a good gm, yes. good coach, undecided. We definitlely need a upgrade on our 20 year old dman so scarlett isnt playing 35 min a game. we need a second line scoring forward. what are the cost of these things? who knows. I know lowry is dominant and i know we have one of the best third lines for shutting down around, we also have 3 really good dmen and a great goalie. In my opinion Martin needs to sit awhile to get that ego in check, hes not going to beat the league at 16. I am in favor of having a different assistant coach as evjen is unproven and continues to be so. I dont want to here what hes done as a aaa coach, we need guys that have been around and know the game and have credibility that fans dont question. Do i think we will have a strong year, hopefully we have alot of pieces that look very good, its a matter of whether or not the coach can bring it together. If we do i think we could be a very tough team to play in playoffs but thats months away.

    • Anonymous says:

      i find it funny when anyone questions the assistant coach. based on what? are you behind closed doors or watching practice? do you know what that person offers? Evjen coached midget and was quite successful in his stint coaching jr a too. does he have to be a former professional player to be a credible coach? don’t tell Ken Hitchcock or any number of others. I don’t know if he’s good or not but I do know we have no more reason to question him than any other guy.

      • Harvest says:

        I find it funny when someone jumps on me for questioning a coach from a fans perspective. It’s no secret lamb wanted to coach with evjen at some point. It was always their dream, so when I hear that I sometimes question whose right for the job.

  30. TopChedz says:

    The new assistant works with evjen and lamb. I wouldnt replace evjen. Id get one more guy. As for the attacks on my plan, i believe it makes sense to do a true rebuild. Andby tbe way, black and lowry would bring a booty of return. I didnt say my plan would win amem cup today, but the crux of a losing team in a rebuild must start with 17 year olds and a young core dman, forward and goalie with 3,4,5 years left oldest team, 5 wins is embarassing. Im notglass half full. Im in search of a rebuild and staving offthe sjhl.

  31. TopChedz says:

    Funny how the long winded responses against me end when the bus pulls out of town and the tiny keyboards of blackberries are required……..and i dont mean you shawn.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah obviously the coaches and players are so concerned about some random internet troll… get some perspective man they’ve got way more important things to deal with than you

  32. TopChedz says:

    Yah, like losing again to the leagues youngest team by a lot, with the oldest team in the league.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone is just sick of reading your crap…no other reason. You’re just one of those guys who has to have the last word.

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