Broncos/Wheat Kings Lineup

Cave and Derko go to the net (Photo by Darwin Knelsen)





Scratches: Howorko (inj), Benson (inj), Spagrud



Nikkel/Van Horne


Scratches: Pulock, Hunter, Seaman, Meilleur

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Play by Play Broadcaster for the WHL's Swift Current Broncos on 94.1 FM The Eagle.
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5 Responses to Broncos/Wheat Kings Lineup

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey Shawn,

    I noticed Bartosak was named WHL goalie of the week, the week the Broncos played the Rebels. I also remember back earlier this season when Rimmer was named WHL goalie of the week and the Broncos had played the Hurricanes 1 or maybe 2 times that week also. Interesting that at least twice this season the Broncos have ended up playing strong games but running into hot goalies, who ended up being named WHL goalie of the week.

  2. Garnet says:

    If Mark isn’t going to play Spagrund, why doesn’t he send him to the Legion instead of rotting in the stands.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s played 17 of 27 games as a rookie. Fans here are such babies about local players. If someone is from here the amount of complaining about their ice time is incredibly absurd. He’s fine he’s getting to know the league and practicing with other WHL players while getting into his share of games. This is all so that he can be ready to step into a bigger role at 18/19/20. Spagrud is a project they are building for a top six role because he’s not the style of player who can be a grinder.

      Complaining on his behalf won’t help him just let him develop the way he would on any other team.

  3. DJ AcidBurn says:

    Come on Garnet, you mean to say every team at a decent level of sports doesn’t have a few players who are healthy scratches? Spagrud needs to bide his time and seize the opportunity when he gets the chance just like everyone else in organized sports. Just cause he is from Gull Lake doesn’t make him any different. Are you trying to to tell me he hasn’t learned more from a couple months with the Broncos than that gong show season with the Legions last season?

  4. Garnet says:

    DJ i do agree with you & you have some very good points. To me there is always a fine line between playing & practicing at this level or send them down so they don’t lose there confidence. I am not saying Mark isn’t on the right path here, because i do have full confidence in what he is doing here, but there are certain guys i would sit out to send the message that if your not going your sitting. Its not like this team is on a 6 or 7 game winning streak. As fans we all have our opinion & i guess thats why we post on here. Bottom line is we all love our Broncos! PS to bad we didn’t have another 1,000 die hard fans like us & then you wouldn’t have to look around & see all the empty seats on most nights.

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