No More Bronco Deals Today

Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb

As the trade deadline passed at 4pm the Swift Current Broncos held firm with their current roster. Coach/GM Mark Lamb told me they tried to make a move but the prices were too high and there were no real fits. Of course the Broncos made one of the biggest deals of the week on Monday adding Jay Merkley from Lethbridge for Josh Derko and a 3rd round pick in 2014.

Many predicted it would be a pretty slow day and so far it has been. There have been some moves out of Brandon and Spokane, but not a ton of activity. Will more deals filter in? We’ll see. I’ll have more with Coach Lamb later on tonight.


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7 Responses to No More Bronco Deals Today

  1. Harvest says:

    When can the broncos expect some of the injured like bews and benson back? Howorko I’m assuming is done for another year and his career. If your not skating yet and your 18 i think you have bigger fish to fry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think Mark made a “steal of a deal” with the Merkeley trade WOW! However, I feel we are a 6th,7th or 8th place team who will fall to the Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon in the 1st round quick maybe 5 games if we are lucky.

    What I dont like about yesterday deadline is we still have: 7 19 year olds ( only 3 can play next year). We will lose our 20’s Moser, Lund and Reum. We will lose in total atleast 7 players off our roster. Here are the 7 we will lose in order of team scoring!

    1st GONE Lowry (NHL 4th line or AHL) 58 points
    2nd ***Gordan will be back as a 19 year old 41 pts
    3rd GONE Black will sign and play in AHL 31 pts
    4th GONE Moser 20 year old 27 pts
    5th ***Bews will be back as 19 year old 25 pts
    6th ***Cave will be back as 19 year old 24 pts
    7th GONE Scarlett AHL or ECHL 23 pts
    8th GONE Lund 20 year old 17 pts
    9th GONE Nedomlel will play Pro in Czech Republic or be back as 20 year old 17 pts
    10th GONE Reum 20 year old 9 pts

    GONE Laurikainen Pro in Finland

    We will lose 6 of our top 9 scorers and will have the following 20 year olds, Dale and Benson.

    This leads to a below average team and back in the basement of the league for another year in my opinion. Other than Saskatoon being worse of course.

    My concern is when are we going to be good? Yes we have great 17 year olds IMO so we should be good in 2015 if all our draft picks pan out as well.

    However, why not sell some this year and be better next year(2014) and really good in 2015. In my opinion we took the mediocre path of lets just finish 6th to 8th the next few years and be happy instead of building for the FUTURE.

    I guess time will tell but I sure hope we are not cellar dwellers again next year. I really like what Brandon did as they realized it wasnt there year and sold the farm and they will be at the top again in 2-3 years.

    Let me know what others think if this is the moves you would have made or if we should have done a different approach?

    • shawnmullin says:

      I don’t think from what Mark said in the interview that he would never have traded more of his veterans… but it sounds like no one even came close to being in the ballpark. If Valcourt is worth a 1rst what is Lowry worth? It doesn’t look like anyone was paying a price like that yesterday even if the Broncos would have been willing.

      That’s just my view of what he was saying.

      I don’t think you mentioned Merkley on that list of guys either btw… and I don’t think it’s a sure thing that all those guys you said are gone are actually gone. September is a long way away. We’ll see! But they do also need to make room for some of that young talent right? It could be a season similar to what Moose Jaw is having as they integrate their youth into their lineup and still remain a team that battles for every game. Again though so many things could happen between now and then.

  3. james says:

    I’m not sure or not if the first commenter is correct in all his prediction of player losses, but I do agree with the sentiment that we took the “mediocre path”, apparently happy to just be making the playoffs for the next couple of years. Well, we’ve been down that rabbit hole before.

    More than anything, I’m puzzled by the reasoning behind the inaction on trade day. Let me see if I have this straight. No veterans were added because it was deemed too expensive (ie, draft picks/non-roster players in the system). Translation: We don’t believe in the current edition of this team enough to sacrifice any of the future. Yet we don’t trade two very valuable players (more on this later) for the future because we supposedly believe in this team’s playoff prospects. Something doesn’t add up.

    Now to the trade value of Lowry/Scarlett. First, I think your comment “even if the Broncos would have been willing” is fairly telling. Were they willing? Ever? Because in most business transactions you don’t – shouldn’t – expect the best deal from a prospective trading partner at the onset, before they even know if you’re serious. Does anyone think Saskatoon just called Brandon and offered up that that package for Schenn on the first telephone call? So was there a fair value deal out there? I don’t know. Given the seeming reluctance of the organization to make such a move, I don’t think we’ll ever know. But for the sake of argument, let’s say a fair value deal wasn’t out there. Do we let the perfect be the enemy of the good? Let’s look at the Valcourt deal. A 2015 first pick for a character-guy third liner. I’ve been to the Blades’ camp for the last two years and believe me, after this year their team is looking grim. Grim! Anyone who doesn’t believe that pick in 2015 isn’t destined to be a top 3 and more likely first overall, is kidding themselves. Any thoughts on whether Saskatoon would have given up that pick for Scarlett so that they could solidfy their top 4? In turn, that pick could have been an invaluable trade chip for a contending team in 2015 to get that last vital veteran piece to make a real run. Could Lowry and Scarlett to Saskatoon have garnered even more than what they gave up for Valcourt/Ferland (for on and off-ice issues I’m confident Lowry would have garnered more than the Ferland package). I think so, especially given how desperate Molleken was (along with not being the most astute trader in the world). I’m sure some might comment that picks aren’t that valuable, but if so, then I hope to hear from them their concerns over why we didn’t deal these “worthless” picks for help this year.

    Finally, I hope the Broncos go on a deep, deep run this year. I was around at the beginning and was privileged to watch Joe and Sheldon and Danny and all the others play. The Memorial Cup team was the greatest sports thrill in my life. I want nothing but the best for this franchise. But the realist in me says that nothing has really changed; we’re still content to be on the treadmill and this missed opportunity will haunt us for years.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you answered your own questions there. Why would you add a veteran forward when a 13 goal scorer is worth a top 3 pick. I will take our injured bodies over that price. Also with the prices set anything short of at least one first, an elite 16/17 and a few more quality would have been under whelming and would kill this team.
      I think Shawn can attest this, but this team is really confident right now, and are playing great hockey. Getting Merkley is a coup and will pay off big time in the long run, (especially considering Forsberg was priced at a first, prospect and D. Stevenson.)
      Swift will make the playoffs, and will be one of those teams you don’t want to play, especially when Lowry and Eetu can steal games nightly.

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