Broncos 5 Warriors 4 (Rookie Game)

Broncos MJ Rook 13 (7)

Celebrating the first goal by Julius Honka

Cole Bevan vs. Josh Uhrich

Brycen Martin Interview (Download)

Brandan Arnold Interview (Download)

Mark Lamb Interview (Download)

Broncos MJ Rook 13 (2)

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Play by Play Broadcaster for the WHL's Swift Current Broncos on 94.1 FM The Eagle.
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9 Responses to Broncos 5 Warriors 4 (Rookie Game)

  1. Concerned says:

    Evans, Howorko, Benson, Muth…. all former players with the Broncos now retired due to repeated concussions. This is tragic! Why are you continuing to post fight video when fights are contributing factors to head injuries?

    • shawnmullin says:

      Fighting is part of the game and I’m covering the game. I’m not advocating one way or another. Should I not discuss big hits either because they cause concussions?

      I think what has happened to those young men is a scary warning sign. It’s also an indication that we are taking concussions and health more seriously these days. 10 years of go they would probably have kept playing and risked further damage. That in an of itself is some level of progress.

      It’s a major issue in all of sports and has to be a focus for the leagues, teams and players. That doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore something that is still to this day a big part of the sport I cover.

      • Concerned says:

        Lots of things are part of the game that never get covered. Yeah. Keep telling yourself that you’re not promoting fighting by posting videos. No blood on your hands.

      • shawnmullin says:

        Aspects of the game like what? What part of the game isn’t covered?

        Blood on my hands? Please.

      • Give Me A Break says:

        Blood on his hands? Now that’s hilarious, funniest thing I’ve read all day .

      • Concerned says:

        “Blood on your hands” is a metaphor, people. I plainly disagree with you on the fact that you think you are not advocating fighting by putting up fight video. I’m sure that was the only video available for you to use. And if we go back through the archives we won’t find a lopsided amount of fight videos vs goal videos, especially considering the ratio of fights to goals in games. If I were really cynical I might suggest that the fight videos help keep people coming back to read your blog…but I’m sure you wouldn’t exploit teenage players that way.

      • shawnmullin says:

        I’ve linked to every highlight video there is. Most aren’t YouTube so I can’t embed them.

        Exploit them for what? I don’t money off this blog. I have one sponsor and I invest my own money into it just so I can store audio.

        You are absurd

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say Shawn has ‘blood on his hands’ but to be fair there aren’t any goal videos here. Fighting is the only video content here.

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