Broncos/Silvertips Lineups

Everett Silvertips

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Scratches: Leth, Bosc, Odgers (inj)





Scratches: Khaira, Bajkov

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9 Responses to Broncos/Silvertips Lineups

  1. Les says:

    To say the broncos looked better after being down 3-0 is such a crock. A team with a 3-0 lead will not forecheck as hard and will play a more relaxed defensive game. Which means you’ll get more time to move the puck. Time to stop sugar coating poor play. Broncos are getting beat in all aspects. Toughness is an issue cause team toughness is a lie. No one is ever scared of team toughness. Doty is a deterrent in mh.

    • shawnmullin says:

      Did you listen to what I said? I said exactly what you said about how once they had a three goal lead Everett didn’t have to play with as much urgency on the attack. That doesn’t make me saying the Broncos played better in the 2nd and 3rd a lie… but I did provide that context.

      I always find the people who complain about me being too easy on the team funny. What do you think I should say exactly? Call players out and call management out every time they lose? How many play by play guys do that?

      When there are bad plays or bad games I’ll say it and I do say it. I’m not going to rip them like a frustrated fan I have to be professional.

      The trip has been tough but the opponents are tough too. That’s hockey. Hopefully they can rebound Tuesday.

  2. Les says:

    I apologize for not realizing you had provided that context. In that way I agree with you then. I don’t expect you to rag on them. But at times it I have seen stuff written that doesn’t necessarily dictate how the game went. I know it’s your pay cheque and you don’t want to bite the hand. As a fan it gets frustrating but I do appreciate your response. I started posting on here to try and drum up a little chatter. Some from you some from others

    • shawnmullin says:

      Fair enough I’m happy to have comments and opinion of course. It’s not even really a bite the hand that feeds thing I wouldn’t rip on the opposing teams that way either. It’s a fine line to balance though because when broadcasting the games alone I do have to offer some opinion, but I’m not a colour commentator and I can’t react like a fan either. That said I haven’t hated how they’ve played for most of this trip either.

      • Les says:

        My opinion of the road trip thus far from the games I’ve watched online is not a high enough compete level. We go hard for a 1/3 of the game and that’s it. I think this road trip has been good for exposing some bright up and comers for us and exposing weakness. Gawdin has looked good and should probably be given more minutes. Honka I think gets caught running around to much. Eetu has not been eetu like. By far the most frustrating thing is the lack of hitting. We need some mean size in a couple of lineup spots. But I will say that we have one of the most talented teams we’ve had in awhile there just young though

      • shawnmullin says:

        Well the coaching staff has said they have to play grittier, smarter and more consistent… so I don’t think that’s an unfair viewpoint. I always hesitate to question compete level I think they work hard but are facing some unique challenges this trip.

        There’s been that one bad period every game and that’s been costly. Probably the biggest reason they’re pointless. But I think many encouraging signs as well looking at the talent level and the future this group could have.

        I kind of wish we got to see what the second or third game with Portland or Seattle would be like and how’d they’d learn from the first. Those lessons will have to be applied back east.

  3. Les says:

    Well we can always hope that we go on a bit of streak after this road trip and that the other east division teams struggle like we did.

  4. PHD says:

    High end guys out of gas already. Lamber has to realize these kids all have different physiologies than pros and from when he played junior. You need to use your whole team and if your whole team isnt good enough to play, then you are not good enough.

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