Mark Lamb Annual State of the Broncos Interview

Photo by Darwin Knelsen

Photo by Darwin Knelsen

Mark Lamb’s Sate of the Broncos 2014 Interview (Download)

Every spring Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb gives me some of his time to go through the previous season and the status of the Broncos organization as a whole. What were his expectations, did the team meet them, where does the organization sit and how close are they to being able to take another step forward? It’s the big picture chat. This is the view from the top of the organization as the rebuild they started a few years ago begins to peak. What’s your take?

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2 Responses to Mark Lamb Annual State of the Broncos Interview

  1. Trucker says:

    Good interview shawn! I think it’s funny how Lamb “side steps” the question when it comes to expectations next year. He doesn’t want to commit to any idea of being held to the “next year is the year” idea! I’m sure deep down he knows though, and just doesn’t want to say, that next year should be a HUGE winning and championship year!
    I was a skeptic of him after his first couple of years ,and now I may have to put my tail between my legs because I have become a believer in what he had been doing all along. Good things are happening in Bronco land and Lamb has been the biggest part to that change, in my mind. I can’t wait for Bronco hockey to start. Should be a good year! I sure hope financially it was positive as well, and take some of that pressure off as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of the things Mark brings up in his interview is losing Howorko, Benson & Bews & getting nothing in return & just think how much better this team would have been with those three in the lineup. With a couple additions at the forward position this team will make a long run next yr. Key is us getting Cave & Gordon back.

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