Say Hello to Leone, Goodbye to a Friend

Luca Leone (Photo from

Luca Leone (Photo from

Interview with Luca Leone (Download)

A few weeks after the trade became official I had a chance to chat with new Broncos F Luca Leone. His story sounds strikingly familiar. Have we not seen this before with the Broncos? A guy who has the skills and talent to be a producer in the WHL who just hasn’t found that groove or that opportunity yet. Do names like Ryon Moser and Levi Bews not stand out when you think of that? I felt that way when Geordie Maguire was traded here (and still do… illness took a real bite out of his season after the deal) and I get that sense with Leone as well. Will they take the next step? Hey that’s up to them and there are a lot of factors involved. The Broncos have proven before they will give opportunities to guys who have the talent if they are willing to seize it. There could be something here with Leone.

It’s worth noting he trains sometimes with Glenn Gawdin. Could there be some chemistry there? At the very least a familiar face for when he makes his transition to Swift Current. It’s also good for him that he’s had the experience already of living far away from home for hockey at Shattuck St. Mary. It won’t be as big an adjustment for him to go from Vancouver to Saskatchewan since he has done something like that before.


As we get a new player from the west coast we lose a talented member of the team headed in that direction. Broncos PR/Media Relations guru Natasha is headed back to her BC home after four seasons with the club. It’s her last week and I know she’s not looking for a big goodbye, but I couldn’t let her leave without saying a quick something!

Her and I got here around the same time and it will be hard to imagine a Broncos season let alone a Broncos home game without working with my friend. Leaving everything you know behind and starting fresh in a new city/province can be an imposing task. I know because I’ve done it a few times and it was made so much easier by a good friend I made who was making that transition at the same time as I was. There are lots of memories we all made exploring Saskatchewan life for the first time. I don’t think either of us ever imagined what going to a Val Marie branding would be like. I wonder if they have prairie oysters in Vancouver?

I’ve also been in her position before where you’ve put your time into a particular role and it’s time for a new challenge.. and while mine came in the form of a new job and a new family life that will keep me in Swift Current for a long time… hers will come in finding new opportunities on the west coast after doing a tremendous job in the community, with the media and on social media over the last four seasons. It’s one thing to be talented and it’s another to be a genuinely good person who will leave nothing but positive relationships behind as she steps away from our city.

So it’s not a goodbye but a see you soon to my Swift Current little sister. We’ll all miss her and know that only big things are in store for her future. If the Canucks don’t hire her one of these days they’re crazy.

(Photo by Darwin Knelsen)

(Photo and caption by Darwin Knelsen)

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