Post-Game Audio: Cougars 5 Broncos 3, Lamb Talks Honka

Broncos Cougars

Click here for my recap from Swift Current Online

Click here for my updated Honka story with Mark Lamb reaction

Highlights of Broncos Hockey on The Eagle 94.1 FM

Post-Game with Associate Coach Josh Dixon

Pre-Game with Cougars Coach Mark Holick

Pre-Game with Broncos D Ayrton Nikkel

Pre-Game with Cougars President Greg Pocock

Pre-Game with Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb (discusses Honka ruling)


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7 Responses to Post-Game Audio: Cougars 5 Broncos 3, Lamb Talks Honka

  1. Ken Audette says:

    Giving up a lot of goals lately. 5 goals on 24 shots last night…not a great percentage. I thought defence would be a strength this year. Not gonna win many games giving up 5 goals every night. I know it’s early but what’s the issue? Three straight games we’ve given up 5 goals.

  2. Trucker says:

    Nobody got the “shaft” harder than the Broncos on the Honka situation. The IIHF bent us over the boards indeed! So looking back at this, we woulda done things different at the euro draft as we all expected him back. Turns out we shouldn’t have gambled at the draft on our first pick, and maybe picked something that was coming here for sure. But it didn’t matter at the time, as we expected Honka back. We missed out on euros that have already been traded this year as well within the league, because of this situation. Sure hope the Broncos get the money that’s owed to them for Honka being drafted to the NHL. The IIHF is a joke and this decision could be detrimental to the CHL. Bad decisions were allowed to be made yesterday.

    • Les says:

      The money from what I understand is going back to jyp. Also if everyone in the broncos organization knew he was loaned then they should’ve been able to figure out that he would need to be loaned again. This lies on lambs shoulders and he should be held accountable. I’ve talked to close to a dozen bronco fans who blame lamb or the team for this and they want answers. I’m sure there are many more fans very disgruntled about this. Tough questions need to be answered and no matter what spin or rose colored glasses you put on this people need to be held accountable

      • shawnmullin says:

        What spin? I asked him questions and he answered them. Nobody knew including Dallas what the result of this was going to be until yesterday. You can react however you want to it… the bottom line is Honka wouldn’t have come here unless the Broncos agreed to the loan deal and it didn’t work out how they or Dallas hoped it would. What are people mad at? Should he never have taken Honka then is that the suggestion? I’m sure the league will look into this now and try to take steps to close this loophole now… who knows it’s uncharted territory.

  3. Ken Audette says:

    So clarify Shawn; you’re saying Honka made the call? Either loan me so I don’t become WHL property or I don’t report? If that’s what your saying then that kid used us HUGE. He wanted to be a one and done…play a year in the dub, get noticed, get drafted and then say so long….that’s pretty low if that’s what he did and that’s what it sounds like you’re saying or if it was his team in Finland that made this rule, either way pretty poor of them. In the end the Broncos lose, we don’t get him back and don’t get any money, and maybe they shouldn’t have taken him…I’m sure they knew this was a strong possibility. Even if he wasn’t drafted, would he have been loaned for a second season?? Doubtful…I hope they learn from this and the WHL needs to address it also.

  4. Trucker says:

    Totally agree with you Shawn. This is not anyone’s fault but the people who made this horrible ruling! Those people are bigger than Lamb, the Broncos, and apparently the Dallas Stars as well. Can’t get down on our guys for this. This is a first. Don’t think anyone saw it coming. It really does need to be fixed NOW!!

  5. B says:

    Is there a timeline on Cole Johnson getting back into the bronco lineup? I think he’ll be an exciting player to watch

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