Lamb talks Bow to Seattle for Watson & Burman

Broncos Raiders Bow Leverton

Landon Bow (photo from

Interview with Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb:

Click here for my story on the Broncos trading Landon Bow to Seattle for Taz Burman, Jamal Watson and a conditional 2nd round pick

A little late posting today but had some family obligations tonight. It’s another big deal that really creates one giant deal between the Broncos and Thunderbirds. That’s how this one was envisioned and it came together slowly because of some circumstances and injuries.

In the end it’s Bow (20), Leth (19) and Schumacher (19) for Watson (20), Burman (18), Olhaver (18), Khaira (17) and a conditional 2nd. The Broncos basically got five years younger in the deal while adding an extra veteran forward in the process. It’s always hard to give up veterans like Bow and Leth you’ve seen develop since they were just 15-year-old draft picks, but the Broncos were able to get some longer term value out of them while giving them an opportunity to contend for a good playoff run.

It’s actually quite odd how the deals end up connecting to Swift Current’s trade with Red Deer. Seattle had dealt Lane Pederson to Red Deer for Burman in the summer. It’s almost kind of a three-way deal now in an odd way…

Red Deer gets: Jake DeBrusk and a conditional 2017 5th round pick from Seattle

Seattle gets: Landon Bow, Cavin Leth and Andreas Schumacher

Swift Current gets: Lane Pederson, Jamal Watson, Gustav Olhaver, Taz Burman, Sahvan Khaira, a 2017 1rst round pick from RD, a 2016 3rd round pick from RD and a conditional 2nd round pick from Seattle

When you look at it that way the Broncos sure got a pretty decent share of assets for three guys who almost surely wouldn’t be back and another who would be an overage. Now we wait to see how well any of these guys turn out.

What’s next if anything? We still have five days until Sunday. If they don’t do anything else the Broncos have still been very active in addressing their future, but there could be a couple other pieces that are generating lots of phone chatter.

Best of luck to all the traded Broncos! We’ll be cheering for Seattle from southwest Saskatchewan.


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