Lamb big picture interview

Broncos Oil Kings Bench Coach Lamb

Interview with Broncos Coach/GM Mark Lamb: (Download)

After every Swift Current Broncos season I like to spend some time with Coach/GM Mark Lamb to go over the season that was and the big picture of the organization. You can click here to go back and listen to the first version of this type of conversation from March 2011.

I think it’s helpful to understand where the organization is headed to get a wider view of things. You obviously have to be pretty patient and have some time on your hands to listen to the whole thing. I hope some of you will and some of you will enjoy it. I appreciate Coach Lamb giving that much of his time for the conversation.

You can also click here for my article on conjunction with the interview.

Some of the topics we covered include…

  • “We knew we were in a year of transition”
  • Knew at the start of the year they were going to think about moving graduating veterans like DeBrusk and Bow
  • Talks about why he didn’t make similar decisions in 2015
  • Season going off the rails on the US trip
  • Martin playing through his injury
  • Pointed to how good they were when they had everyone healthy
  • Expectations for Cole Johnson
  • A look at the impact of Jon Martin and the decision not to trade him
  • Discusses the difficulty at times recruiting players they would want to draft or trade for
  • How do smaller markets build championship teams?
  • Developing more NHL prospects is opening the door to more players being willing to come here
  • Progress in contacts and acceptance with European players
  • Why haven’t his Broncos been able to go on a long playoff run yet?
  • Will the Broncos be in the same spot next season?
  • How has the drafting changed?
  • The demise of fighting and how that alters their strategy
  • Has his coaching style evolved with the changes in the game
  • How dealing with the players has changed from the old days
  • How has he changed in seven years?
  • Is being Coach/GM too much work compared to how some organizations do things?
  • Confidence and comfort in the management side of the job has evolved a lot
  • How to create an even bigger and stronger bond with the community to increase the fanbase
  • Making a bigger connection to minor hockey and the Legionnaires
  • The biggest steps to moving towards a premier franchise
  • The state of the list
  • What can you do to prevent players refusing to report to certain markets?
  • What’s the best path to take with 16-year-olds?
  • Where does the scoring depth come from next season?
  • What’s the approach to the goaltending situation?
  • With all the returning players and prospects coming in they can’t keep everybody
  • How much is he still enjoying the job?

If anything this should be a pretty good primer for Thursday’s WHL Bantam Draft.

Sorry it took this long to get the interview up. Unfortunately I had some issues converting the file. Not a technical wizard! Eventually I was able to get it all figured out and here it is.


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